Laptops: Frequently asked technical questions

This information applies to the notebook computers available for loan at the Library's Circulation Desk.

How do I connect to the SFU wireless network?

Log in first to the SFU-managed laptop by entering your SFU Computing ID and  password Make sure to log in BEFORE you leave the library in order to gain access to SFU's wireless network across campus. 

Once you are logged into the laptop, you will be automatically connected to the SFU-SECURE wireless network.

How do I print from this notebook?

From the application's Print menu, choose which printer you want to use. At the printer, login using your SFU Computer ID and password. You will see your job and can print it. For more information about printing, see How do I print in the library?

How do I get my files off of the notebook?

When you return the laptop, its hard drive is wiped. Therefore, before you return it, you must save your documents.

What do I do if I have technical problems with the notebook?

Go to the library front desk and swap the laptop you have borrowed with another laptop.