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Access for Library Resources by Alumni

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I graduated from SFU this past Oct 2016. I know as an alumna I have access to various library resources like the access to various research journals. Do you have a list of all the journals alumni have access to? Specifically biological research journals like Cancer Research, Cell, Nature Immunology, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, etc. Also, how long do alumni have access to these journals and library resources? Does access expire after a certain number of years after graduation? Thank you so much!

Concern for Policy Regarding 24/7 Library Hours

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: This is a comment regarding the policy to stay open 24 hours during the last few weeks of each term. I have strong objections to this policy. I am a master's student in counselling psychology and am very concerned about the impacts to students' mental and physical health when an institution not only condones but encourages staying up all night to study. I see SFU as extremely irresponsible regarding this decision. Many students are young and impressionable and may believe that, if the library stays open all night, they need to stay there all night to study.

Request for longer opening times at Belzberg Library

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. We, a group of frustrated students, are wondering who we might contact to contest the weekend library hours at the Vancouver campus. The 5pm closing hours, especially during finals, is extremely early. Many of us work jobs and live in Vancouver (and, of course, pay substantial tuition to do so). We are dependent on library computers, printers, books, and other resources to complete our course work. Have the closing hours always been this early? Could you please tell me who is in charge of choosing library hours so we can connect with them?