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Food and Drink in the SFU Library

Published by Anonymous

Q:  Food inside the library should be completely prohibited it does not just distracts people that are trying to study but also damages the books and computers in the building. I have been to several libraries and apparently this is the only one that allows food. 

Book Donations

Published by Anonymous

Q:  Do you accept book donations? If yes, please provide me with the exact adrdress where I can send them.

Downloading an Article

Published by Anonymous

Q:   I have a problem for half a year. Previously, I can directly search the title of a article and download it. However, half a year ago, I cannot do in this  way any more. I have to type in www.lib.sfu.ca, log in my computing ID and then download. This is very inconvenient for not only me but also all my friends who wanna read publications. Could you please fix it?

Error codes while searching the SFU Library database

Published by Anonymous

Q:  I have been getting error pages for the last several hours (current time 2:40pm Sunday, May 31, 2015) whenever I attempt to search the library database from the library home page. I can not seem to find a proper server status page that would update people on the status or estimated time of repair either (the one that comes up in a search of SFU  sites is http://researcher.sfu.ca/servers, and this seems to be about 7 years out of date).