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American Antiquity

Published by Anonymous

Q:  I tried to access an article in the latest issue of American Antiquity by Lepofsky et al. [Lepofsky, D. et al. 2015. "Ancient shellfish mariculture on the Northwest Coast of North America."  American Antiquity  80:236-59.], but when I went to the e-version of American Antiquity that the library provides access to, everything in the issue seemed  to be available EXCEPT pp. 236-59 which simply seemed to be missing.  Can you help clarify what is up and how I can get access to this article online?

Access to Bloomberg terminal

Published by Anonymous

Question:  I am an SFU alumnus and want to use bloomberg terminal for a day. Would it be possible for me to use it or book it?

Access to SFU Library Database

Published by Anonymous

Question: I work within the University of Limerick in Ireland and wanted to know if it is possible to get access to your online database: The complete Wall Street Journal in digital format from 1889-1990. If this is possible can you please let me know the procedure or if the request would have to be made through our own Library service.

Formatting of a thesis

Published by Anonymous

Question: Hello! I have to submit my thesis before April 30th, and I would like to

check in advance if my formatting is correct. I was wondering if there`s a

service or someone I could talk to regarding this matter.