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Search Feature for Journals Frustration

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I hate the new search feature for journals. It used to be so much easier to just look up electronic journals. Now I have to plough through all journals, get offered papers from the journal that I don't
want and have to know the exact name of the journal. This is much more time consuming that the old method which was excellent.

Noisy study floor

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. Another thing about the "study floor" since the taking down of the wooden cubicle things, the study floor has become extremely loud. People chat with their friends, laugh at funny youtube videos together - at full volume, and
this makes it very difficult to work. Are the wooden cubicles coming back anytime soon? The study floor is about the same feel as the 3rd floor computer area, and I'm commuting and if I need a computer it sucks that there's nowhere quiet to work anymore.

Kudos to Front Counter and Sorting Room Staff!

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. hi there, I just wanted to let you know how helpful your staff was at the front counter and the people downstairs were when I had recalled a book but just missed the deadline to pick it up. They went above and beyond to help me find the book. Many thanks to your front counter staff and book sorting people!

A. Thanks for the email. I will let everyone know.

take care
Scott Mackenzie
Head, Access Services

Kudos to Interlibrary Loan Staff!

Published by Dipa Barua

I am writing this to heartily appreciate the services provided to me by the staff at the Inter Library Loans Division of the Bennett Library. Although I retired almost twelve years ago, I have continued to be active in research and have been consistently publishing. I often need sources beyond our library collection; sometimes the latest editions of the books we have, other times old books and journal articles in Sanskrit. UBC often has materials I need, but our staff at ILL Services have got me books from across the country, and even US or Europe.

Access to Media Technologies

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I am really happy to have the library services at SFU, but I feel that one area that could desperately be improved is getting better access to media technologies for students. For myself, I'm an Educational Technology and Learning Design MA student. Being an education student, I only have the same access as other Ed Department students which means the cam corders available to me are quite archaic, with very poor sound quality and which require DVDs and tapes to record.