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Inter-library loan for The Papers of Chief John Ross

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I am working on a research project and am in need of a book for references. It looks like your library had the book in ebook form which would make the reference search easier by using keyword searches. I was wondering if it was possible to obtain the ebook via inter-library loan?

The books are: The Papers of Chief John Ross, vol. 1 and The Papers of Chief John Ross, vol. 2.

Ordering a book through ILL

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I trying to order an ILL book and am not sure how to proceed. The book is Laudes Regiae: A Study in Liturgical Acclamations and Mediaeval Ruler Worship, by Ernst Kantorowicz.

Short-term loan in our Reserve collection

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I noticed that for BUS 207 and Bus 312, the only textbooks available are in the Surrey Fraser Library when most students taking the courses are in Burnaby. Anyway way we could have at least one copy of each in the Bennett library too?

A: In general, I try to spend the majority of our limited business book budget on titles that will supplement the required texts being assigned in courses. I can't buy enough copies of required texts to support the whole class, so I focus on the other material you'll need for your coursework.

Suggestion for New Title Purchase: Schaum's outline of Genetics

Published by Dipa Barua

Title: Schaum's outline of Genetics
Publisher & where & when published: McGraw-Hill
If you wish to be notified when the item is ready for you, please select a pick-up location: Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)
Your affiliation: SFU Undergraduate StudentHi Minyoung Cho,

Can I return books from VPL or BPL at SFU library ?

Published by Dipa Barua
Your question or comment: Can I return books from Vancouver Public Library or Burnaby Public Library at your library ?  Will they be transported back to the public libraries ?
Which library?  W.A.C.Bennett (SFU Burnaby)

A: Yes you can drop them off here but they will take between one and two weeks to get back to their home library. They will not be checked in until they get back home so if they are close to their due date it might not be a good idea.

Scott Mackenzie
Head, Access Services

Interlibrary Loan Service for Alumni

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I am an SFU alumnus, and hold an SFU identification card (which, as you know, serves as a library card). Nevertheless, I find that I am unable to make an interlibrary loan request, even when I offer to pay for the cost of processing it. I have been told that this is SFU library policy. This seems to me to be a rather mean-spirited way of doing things. Therefore, I respectfully ask that the library policy on this matter be changed so that people who hold an SFU card, of any type, are permitted to make an interlibrary loan request, upon payment of a fee if necessary.