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Suggestion for New Title Purchase: DSM 5

Published by Dipa Barua

Author: American Psychiatric Association
Title: DSM 5
Publisher & where & when published:
Where you saw this item mentioned: the library already has this book but there is a 3/4 week wait to get it and I think there should be several copies given this.
Your affiliation: SFU Graduate Student

A. Thanks very much for your suggestion. We have placed an order for another print copy. Although we have the online access to the earlier versions of the DSM-V, you likely need the DSM-V for your graduate work.

When we had placed the initial order for print DSM-V, our information was that the online version would become available in the fall. We will send another inquiry to obtain an update about the availability of the online version.

Thanks very much.
Moninder Bubber
Psychology Liaison Librarian (Interim)

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