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How do I replace a lost book?

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: How do I replace a lost book?

A: If you lose a SFU book you do have the option to find a replacement copy and give it to the library to replace the lost book. Please note the replacement copy must be in good condition and be the same edition as the lost book. You will be charged an additional $20 processing fee to cover the cost of cataloguing and labeling the book so it can be added to the library collection.

Before doing any of this however it is advisable to contact the Loans department (libcirc@sfu.ca) and let them know that you have lost a book. You should let them know which book it is so that they can mark it as lost in the catalogue and stop any additional overdue fines being added to your library record. Also they will let you know what the cost would be for the library to replace the book. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay this replacement cost than trying to find a replacement copy.

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