FAQs: Alumni services

alumni services

Why are some resources restricted?

Most databases are accessed through subscriptions. The library pays a licensing fee that grants access to specific groups: usually students, faculty and staff. Some databases offer access to alumni as well, but not all.

The database I'm interested in is not available. How do I access the information I need?

First, you can check our list of resources available to alumni. You may be able to use a different database for your research. You can also access almost all online databases at the SFU Library, by using one of our computer workstations. For further assistance, contact your liaison librarian.

Can I book a study room at SFU Library?

Our study rooms are available only to current SFU students. Check with your local public library, community centre, or SFU's Meeting, Event and Conference services to inquire about room bookings.

Can I request a book through Interlibrary Loan?

For Interlibrary Loan services, please contact your local public library.