Electronic collection information for librarians, faculty, and researchers

The SFU Library has a growing collection of non-journal electronic resources (ebooks, streaming video, music...etc) available to current students, faculty and staff. 

Permanent links to electronic resources

Most of these electronic resources that are listed in the Library Catalogue can be linked to in course listings, library electronic reserves listings and course websites or Canvas.

Learn more on how to create stable links to online journal articles, ebook chapters, or ebooks.

Electronic resources not suitable for course reserves

There are a number of electronic resources in our collection that may not be suitable for course reserves or used as a textbook due to limits on the number of simultaneous users or the fact a given title is part of a collection that is continuously updated (content is regularly added or removed).

License information for journals and article indexes and databases can be viewed via the Electronic Journals listing and the Journal Articles & Databases links. 

Electronic collections with simultaneous user limits

Most ebook titles in our collection are provided with no restriction on the number of users able to access a given title at a time (AKA simultaneous user limit). In case such restriction exist, the ebook's Catalogue record will communicate related details as follows:

E-books limited to x simultaneous users will be designated in the Public notes. See the record Developing sport expertise: researchers and coaches put theory into practice for an example.

SU = Simultaneous Users.


Leased electronic collections

In cases where a given electronic resource is part of a leased electronic collection, titles may be added and removed from this collection at any time with out prior notice. Catalogue records from leased electronic collections always include public notes indicating "Leased collection. Future access is not guaranteed."

    If you have questions about any of our electronic resources please contact lib-licensing@sfu.ca