Library course assessments

The Library participates in the course approval process for new courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. By Senate motion (S.93-11) "no new course should be approved by Senate until funding has been committed for necessary library materials." A Library review should be conducted after new course proposals have been approved by the department or school curriculum committee, before being considered by the Faculty curriculum committee. New courses will not be approved at the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies (SCUS) or Senate Graduate Studies Committee (SGSC) until a Library review has been completed. Even if the department states that no new library resources are required, a report from the Library is required to confirm this view.

To submit course proposals for review by the Library, forward the following materials to Megan Crouch @

  • course proposal forms
  • complete course outline
  • reading list created for the course, if any
  • date of Faculty curriculum committee meeting (or other deadline for library report)

Please send the above materials at least two weeks prior to your deadline.

An assessment will be done to evaluate whether the Library's holdings and present collection development activities are adequate to support the new course(s). Once the assessment is complete, you will receive an email from the Library with the results of the assessment.  If no new library resources are required, the email you receive will serve as your record that the library has conducted the assessment.  

If additional library resources are required, a full report will be created, and the associated costs will be identified. The costs may be one-time, to fill gaps in holdings, or ongoing, for example, to start new journal subscriptions, or sustain book collecting in areas not currently included in the Library's collection scope. If costs are attached, the department or school is asked to transfer the required funds to the Library's materials budget.

Questions about the process can be directed to Megan

Completed Library course assessments for courses approved by Senate

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Senate document numbers appear in brackets where available, e.g. (S.11-7)