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May 29, 2009


This is the library's course assessment for the following courses:

WL 301:  Advanced Composition
WL 306:  Literary Romanticisms
WL 310:  Text and Context
WL 320:  Interdisciplinary Approaches
WL 350:  Directed Studies
WL 460:  Directed Studies

All of the above courses will be taught at the SFU Surrey Campus.


WL 301:  Advanced Composition

This course will first be taught in the Summer of 2010, and annually thereafter.  It will be a required course with an estimated enrollment of 17 students. 

There are 14 titles from the reading list not currently in the SFU Surrey collection.  Those titles and their cost are as follows:

Lessing, Doris May. Shikasta : re, colonised planet 5 : personal, psychological, historical documents relating to visit by Johor (George Sherban) emissary (grade 9) 87th of the period of the last days Vintage Books US. 0394749774. 9780394749778. 1st Vintage Books ed.. X9-A50982. $18

Neruda, Pablo. The essential Neruda : selected poems City Lights Books. 0872864286. 9780872864283. R6-430220. 2004. $21
Hesse, Hermann. The journey to the East Picador USA. 0312421680. 9780312421687. 1st Picador ed.. X2-993657. 2003. $26
Gao, Xingjian. The other shore : plays Chinese University Press. 9622018629. 9789622018624. 1st ed.. R9-193816. 2000. $22
OR, if translation by Jo Riley (titled The Other Side) is required, it is published in the following anthology:
An Oxford anthology of contemporary Chinese drama / edited by Martha P.Y. Cheung and Jane C.C. Lai. Oxford University Press. 0195868803. 9780195868807. B1-408701. 1997. UK. $72
Mahfuz, Najib Arabian nights and days Doubleday. 0385469012. 9780385469012. X9-J01779. 1995. $17
Sartre, Jean Paul. What is literature? (Routledge classics) Routledge. 0415255570. 9780415255578. L3-558712. 2001. UK $16
Elytis Odysseus Keeley Edmund Sherrard Philip Selected poems / Odysseus Elytis ; chosen and introduced by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrar d ; translated by Edmund Keeley ... \et al.  ANVIL PRESS POETRY / LITTLEHAMPTON BOOK SERVICES. 0856462292. 9780856462290. X3-N89832. 1991. $20
Tagore, Rabindranath. Sadhana : the realization of life / Rabindranath Tagore. Doubleday. 0385510470. 9780385510479. R7-466335.  2004. $12
Kawabata, Yasunari The dancing girl of Izu and other stories. COUNTERPOINT PUBLICATIONS (CA) . 1887178945. 9781887178945. X5-R26644. 1998. $17
The Barbarian Odes of Giosue Carducci, translated from the Italian by Smith, William Fletcher George Banta Publishing, 1939 Out of Print Possibly available from Bookfinder.com $30
Paz, Octavio The collected poems of Octavio Paz : 1957-1987 New Directions Publishing. 0811211738. 9780811211734. X1-B34693. 1991. $33
Soyinka, Wole. Mandela's earth and other poems / Wole Soyinka. Random House. 0394570219. 9780394570211. N9-480654. 1988. US. $25
Milosz, Czeslaw. Selected poems, 1931-2004 / Czeslaw Milosz ; foreword by Seamus Heaney. Ecco Press. 0060188677. 9780060188672. R9-570001. 2006. $31
Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich. Collected stories / Ivan Bunin ; translated from the Russian and with an introduction by Graham Hettlinger. Ivan R Dee Inc / Natl Book Network. 1566637589. 9781566637589. R7-671380. 2007. $25
Total for WL 301: $313 (or $363 depending on edition of Xingjian, Gao's work)
WL 306:  Literary Romanticisms
This will be an elective course first offered in January 2010 and biennially thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 20 students. 
There are 6 titles from the reading list not currently in the SFU Surrey collection.  Those titles and their cost are as follows:
Romantic fairy tales Penguin Books Ltd. 0140447326. 9780140447323. R1-212144. 2000. $14
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Emile : or, On education Basic Books. 0465019315. 9780465019311. X7-W49797. 1979 $32
Stael, Madame de. Corinne, or, Italy Rutgers University Press. 0813512077. 9780813512075. X3-062129. 1987. $63
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust : part one and two / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ; a new translation by Carl R. Mueller. (Great translations series) Smith & Kraus Inc. 1575253607. 9781575253602. R9-483411. 2004. $31
Schiller, Friedrich. The robbers ; and, Wallenstein Penguin. 0140443681. 9780140443684. B7-009248. 1980. UK. $24
Byron, George Gordon. Selected poems / Lord Byron ; edited with an introduction by Susan J. Wolfson and Peter J. Manning. (Penguin English poets) Penguin Books Ltd / [distributor] Penguin Books Ltd.. 0140424504. 9780140424508. R0-588609. 2005. $19
Total for WL 306: $183
WL 310:  Text and Context
This course was first offered in January 2009 as a special topics course.  It will be offered biennially as an elective course with an estimated enrollment of 20 students. 
There are 2 titles from the reading list not currently in the SFU Surrey collection.  Those titles and their cost are as follows:
Jensen, Wilhelm. Gradiva / Wilhelm Jensen ; Delusion and dream in Wilhem Jensen's Gradiva (Green integer, 86) Green Integer / Consortium Bk Sales Dst. 189229589X. 9781892295897. R2-401187. 2003. $17
Freud, Sigmund Dora : an analysis of a case of hysteria Scribner. 0684829460. 9780684829463. X2-K39920. 1997. $19
Total for WL 310: $36
WL 320:  Interdisciplinary Approaches
This course has been approved as a Special Topics course and will first be offered in the Fall of 2009.  It will be offered as an elective course annually or biennially with an estimated enrollment of 20 students.
There are 2 titles from the reading list not currently in the SFU Surrey collection.  Those titles and their cost are as follows:
Boal Augusto Theater of the oppressed PLUTO PRESS / THOMSON PUBLISHING SERVICES. 0861040805. 9780861040803. X9-N92340. 1979. $25
Jelinek, Elfriede. Bambiland. Lilian Feiedberg Translator. Online only. Will be published in Theater (journal) later this year.
Total for WL 320: $25
WL 350:  Directed Studies
WL 460:  Directed Studies
Both WL 350 and WL 460 will not require any additional monograph resources.
Monograph total for the above courses:  $557* 
*(or $607 depending on edition of Xingjian, Gao's work)

Additionally, additional sources to support the courses are required.  For example, it is known that Faculty members plan to expand the required reading lists to include examples of non-European literary romanticisms (WL 306).  Other critical texts on the works being studied will also be required.  For example:

WL 301:
Nobel lectures : from the literature laureates, 1986 to 2006 New Press (NY). 1595582010. 9781595582010. R0-671022.  2007. US. $31 

Allen, S. Nobel lectures in literature 1968-1980 World Scientific Publishing. 9810211759. 9789810211752. X1-C92306. 1994. US. $25

WL 306:
Saul, Nicholas. The Cambridge companion to German romanticism / Nicholas Saul. (Cambridge companions to literature. (Paper ed.)) Cambridge University Press. 0521613264. 9780521613262. V9-P15201. 2009. US. $37

A companion to European romanticism / edited by Michael Ferber. (Blackwell companions to literature and culture, 38) Blackwell Publishing Ltd. / [distributor] John Wiley and Sons Ltd.. 1405110392. 9781405110396. R3-553025. 2005. US. $213

WL 320:
Montrose, Louis Adrian. The purpose of playing : Shakespeare and the cultural politics of the Elizabethan theatre / Louis Montrose. University of Chicago Press / [distributor] John Wiley and Sons Ltd.. 0226534839. 9780226534831. N9-904320. 1996. US. $20

Slater, Niall W. Spectator politics : metatheatre and performance in Aristophanes University of Pennsylvania Press. 0812236521. 9780812236521. R5-310703. 2002. US. $80

Note that the above titles are examples only.  Actual titles will be purchased in consulation with faculty.  The cost of the above titles is $406 thus it is estimated that an additional $450 will be required to purchase supporting titles for these courses.

Total one-time monograph funds required to support all of the above courses: 

$557 for titles from the reading lists + $450 for supporting titles = $1,007***

***($1,057 depending on required translation for WL 301)

In addition, in order to keep the collection current, approximately six titles/year are required.

6 titles x average book price of $50 = $300 ongoing funds.

Total ongoing monograph funds required to support all of the above courses:  $300/year

Journals and Bibliographic Tools:

The SFU library currently subscribes to sufficient journals and databases to support these courses.  For more information, please see the following: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/subject-guides/world-literature/books-articles

No additional journal or database subscriptions are necessary to support these courses.


one-time funds:
Surrey Campus: $1,007($1,057)**

**Note: These costs can be accomodated using existing funds designated for the World Literature Program. There are no costs to the World Literature Program.