Library Course Assessment for International Studies 830 *REVISED

August 4, 2009
Serials | Bibliographic Tools | Monographs | Total Costs

This is the Library report for the proposed course International Studies 830:  Analytic Approaches for International Studies. This course will be first offered in the Fall of 2010 and annually thereafter at the SFU Vancouver Campus with and estimated enrollment of 30 students. 

This is the revised edition of this assessment.  The original may be found here:


The serials collections at the SFU Library are sufficient to support this course, including the following titles:

European Journal of International Relations
Comparative Political Studies
Perspectives on Politics
International Organization

as well as many other relevant titles.  See our Political Science journals for more examples. 

Bibliographic tools

Students in this course can use the following bibliographic tools, provided by Library license:

PAIS International
Sociological Abstracts

as well as many other abstracting and indexing tools available via the SFU Library.  Please see our International Studies Information Resources page for more examples. 


The reading list revealed numerous gaps in our collection on the SFU Vancouver Campus.  The following titles will need to be purchased:

Qualitative methods in international relations : a pluralist guide / edited by Audie Klotz and Deepa Prakash. (Research methods series) Palgrave Macmillan. / [distributor] Macmillan Distribution (MDL). 0230542395. 9780230542396. R6-707545.  2008. $87

Theory and methods in political science Palgrave Macmillan. 0333948564. 9780333948569. 2nd ed.. V1-J34268.  2002. $87

Jackson, Robert H. Introduction to international relations : theories and approaches / Robert Jackson, Georg Sorensen Oxford University Press. 0199285438. 9780199285433. 3rd ed.. R1-623866.  2007. $67

Handbook of international relations Sage Publications Inc. 0761963049. 9780761963042. V7-G83015.  2002. $157

Rethinking social inquiry : diverse tools, shared standards / edited by Henry E. Brady and David Collier. Rowman & Littlefield / [distributor] NBN International Ltd.. 074251126X. 9780742511262. R3-459047.  2004. $46

Theory and evidence in comparative politics and international relations / edited by Richard Ned Lebow and Mark Irving Lichbach. Palgrave Macmillan. 1403976619. 9781403976611. X9-625739.  2007. $34

Trachtenberg, Marc. The craft of international history : a guide to method / Marc Trachtenberg. Princeton University Press / [distributor] John Wiley and Sons Ltd.. 0691125015. 9780691125015. R0-568165.  2006. $58

The Oxford handbook of comparative politics / edited by Carles Boix and Susan C. Stokes. (Oxford handbooks of political science) Oxford University Press. 0199278482. 9780199278480. R8-667921.  2007. $180

Wood, Elisabeth Jean. Insurgent collective action and civil war in El Salvador / Elisabeth Jean Wood. (Cambridge studies in comparative politics) Cambridge University Press / [distributor] Cambridge University Press. 0521010500. 9780521010504. R6-391922.  2003. US. $30

Feinstein, C. H. Making history count : a primer in quantitative methods for historians / Charles H. Feinstein and Mark Thomas. Cambridge University Press / [distributor] Cambridge University Press.. 0521001374. 9780521001373. R1-338777.  2002.  $58

Total:  $804

One-time monograph total for Vancouver campus:  $804

Total costs

One-time monograph costs:  $804