Library Course Assessment for International Studies 414

May 26, 2009
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This is the Library report for the proposed course International Studies 414:  Current Regional Issues in Southeast Asia. This elective course will be first offered in the Fall of 2010 and annually thereafter at the SFU Vancouver Campus with and estimated enrollment of 15-20 students. 


The serials collections at the SFU Library are sufficient to support this course, including the following titles:

Contemporary Southeast Asia
ASEAN Economic Bulletin
Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Asian Journal of Social Science

as well as many other relevant titles.  See our list of Asian Studies Journals for more examples. 

Bibliographic tools

Students in this course can use the following bibliographic tools, provided by Library license:

PAIS International
Sociological Abstracts

as well as many other abstracting and indexing tools available via the SFU Library.  Please see our International Studies Information Resources page for more examples. 


The reading list revealed numerous gaps in our collection on the SFU Vancouver Campus.  The following titles will need to be purchased:

Connors, Michael K. New global politics of the Asia Pacific / Michael K. Connors, Remy Davison and Jorn Dosch. RoutledgeCurzon / [distributor] Taylor & Francis, c/o Bookpoint.. 0415285623. 9780415285629. R3-474468.  2004. $234

The regional organizations of the Asia-Pacific : exploring institutional change / edited by Michael Wesley. Palgrave Macmillan. / [distributor] Macmillan Distribution (MDL). 1403903638. 9781403903631. R6-405642.  2003. $111

Acharya, Amitav Constructing a security community in Southeast Asia : ASEAN and the problem of regional order / Amitav Acharya. Routledge. 0415414288. 9780415414289. 2nd ed.. XX-456197.  2009. $209

Caballero-Anthony, Mely. Regional Security in Southeast Asia : Beyond the Asean Way Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 9812302611. 9789812302618. X4-F94846. In Stock US. 2005. $54

Collins, Alan. Security and Southeast Asia : domestic, regional, and global issues / Alan Collins. Lynne Rienner Pubs. 1588262359. 9781588262356. R6-398255.  2003. US. $25

Religion and conflict in South and Southeast Asia : disrupting violence / edited by Linell E. Cady and Sheldon W. Simon. (Asian security studies) Routledge / Taylor & Francis Inc. 0415397340. 9780415397346. R9-608553.  2007. $197

Maritime security in southeast Asia / edited by Kwa Chong Guan and John K. Skogan. (Routledge security in Asia series, 4) Routledge / [distributor] Taylor & Francis, c/o Bookpoint.. 0415413885. 9780415413886. R7-643952.  2007. $185

Millard, Mike. Jihad in paradise : Islam and politics in Southeast Asia M E Sharpe. 0765613352. 9780765613356. R1-435025.  2004. $69

Abuza, Zachary. Militant Islam in southeast Asia : crucible of terror Lynne Rienner Pubs Inc. 158826212X. 9781588262127. R7-391443.  2003. $71

Asia-Pacific economic co-operation Routledge. 5 volume set 0415310989. 9780415310987. V3-M19325.  2007. $1,538

Goh, Evelyn. Developing the Mekong : regionalism and regional security in China-Southeast Asian relations / Evelyn Goh. (Adelphi paper, 387) Routledge / [distributor] Taylor & Francis, c/o Bookpoint.. 041543873X. 9780415438735. R7-662503.  2007. US. $40

Cook, Malcolm. Banking reform in Southeast Asia : the region's decisive decade / Malcolm Cook. (Routledge studies in the growth economies of Asia, 83) Routledge / Taylor & Francis Inc. 0415413192. 9780415413190. R1-723997.  2008. $185

Welch, Anthony R. Higher education in Southeast Asia : blurring borders, changing balance / by Anthony Welch. Routledge. 0415435013. 9780415435017. V3-N77177.  2009. $185

The sex sector : the economic and social bases of prostitution in Southeast Asia International Labour Office. 9221095223. 9789221095224. R4-072084.  1998. $31

Total:  $3,134

One-time monograph total for Vancouver campus:  $3,134

Total costs

One-time monograph costs:  $3,134

These titles will be purchased our of existing allocations.  There are no costs to the Department of International Studies.