Research Commons: Current awareness resources

Current awareness services and tools are a convenient and efficient way to stay informed about the latest research in areas that you're interested in.

Current awareness tools

Your department's Liaison Librarian will also be able to assist you with choosing and setting up the best current awareness approaches and tools for your research area. 

Office of Research Services (ORS) Funding and Award Opportunities Database

The SFU Office of Research Services (ORS) curates a list of international, federal, provincial, and local funding opportunities. Browse the list, or subscribe to the Funding and Award Opportunities Database to receive updates on specific opportunities that match your own needs and interests. 

SFU news

SFU News Online carries all of the stories published in Simon Fraser University News, plus timely news updates, extra stories, and more information about the SFU community. SFU News - Research provides the latest research-related news.

You can also subscribe to the SFU News - Research feed and receive automatic updates when the content changes.