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On researching online daters...

Published by Mark Bodnar

One of our marketing classes is going to be working on a project involving online dating markets/consumers this term, so I thought I'd make a short list of some key resources and search strategies likely to be helpful for them. For those SFU researchers who aren't in the class involved: You, too, are welcome to try the resources below. Sometimes such focused exploration can help you learn our resources faster than just random browsing. Enjoy! (The resources and tips below are in no particular order -- I'm just listing them as they come to mind.)

On researching carsharing consumers...

Published by Mark Bodnar

As I mentioned in my last post on researching online daters, one of the marketing classes is doing some very focused primary research this term. One of the topics they will be working on will be car sharing services such as Car2Go and Zipcar. As with most primary research projects, there's a strong need for some secondary material to understand the context, demonstrate the need for further research, and gather some methodology details.