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Proximity searching: search with a laser instead of a floodlight

Published by Mark Bodnar

I thought I'd resurrect this older post as it is still very relevant and useful. (MarkB)


Image of a floodlightFor most searches in our databases, the basic syntax of (A and B) works fine. (E.g., (librarians and cool).)  For some more complex topics, it's necessary to add in some synonyms: ((A or B) and (C or D)). (E.g., ((librarians or libraries) and (cool or awesome)).) 

Researching the Millennium Development Goals

Published by Mark Bodnar

I just noticed that one of the major academic publishers has opened up free access to many of their journal articles for a limited time in support of the Millenium Development Goals. [...]

In fact, SFU researchers already have access to almost all of the same articles, but a curated collection like this is still useful: if you are researching poverty, sustainability, gender equality, or any of the other MDGs, it can be very handy to have someone pre-select some initial readings for you... and you can always branch out by exploring the references in those articles... <more>

Baffled by dense academic writing? Start here!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Has this ever happened to you? 

You get an assignment to write a term paper,

... then you spend lots of time coming up with a good topic (not too hard, not too boring...),

... then you gather some academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed articles on that topic (ideally you do so efficiently -- perhaps by chatting with a librarian before you become too frustrated!),

Got a minute to run some test searches for us?

Published by Mark Bodnar

Hey SFU researchers!

Have you ever used the Library Search box on our library's home page?  It searches our site, a few of our more unique collections (e.g., our institutional repository), and a vast collection of  all our books and ebooks and the majority of the online journals that we carry.

Since 2010, a major component of that feature has been our Fast Search search engine -- that's the part that covers all our books and most of our journals.

World cinema visitors, Thai credit cards, Korean sports nutrition and much, much more... a taste of what's new in Passport GMID

Published by Mark Bodnar

It's been a while since we last highlighted the treasures within our Passport GMID database. We usually describe this resource as being the place to go for...

a) demographic and economic statistics (with forecasts) on every country in the world;

b) data on the sales by volume and value for a wide range of "fast moving consumer goods" in many countries;

On gleaning data and insights from research firm sites...

Published by Mark Bodnar

Those of you who have had a business librarian visit your class may remember some discussion of the "likely publisher" categories for marketing information.  Even if you've never seen an image like the one below, you probably know that government agencies, industry associations, academics, companies, and news sources are all great places to look when you need some marketing information.

Help us launch the Videomatica Collection: Free documentary on Longboarding, May 24th

Published by Mark Bodnar

This post isn't really about business or economics research, per se... but who doesn't love a good documentary? And it's free!  And there will be popcorn!

Join the SFU Library on Saturday May 24, 2014 at 1pm for a free documentary film, drinks and popcorn to help officially launch the Videomatica Collection!

SFU Surrey Library adds Saturday hours this summer!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Great news! Starting May 10th, the Fraser Library at the SFU Surrey campus will be open 10-5 on Saturdays.

This expansion of the summer hours is a a pilot project based on feedback from Surrey Campus students, faculty, and staff.