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What do I need to know about copyright when licensing media (e.g. photos, video, music) from an external source?

If your department needs photographs, video footage or music for promotional uses, check SFU Creative Studio's Image Library or Video Library, or consider hiring Creative Studio to create exactly what you need. This eliminates copyright concerns because the copyright in Creative Services' work already belongs to SFU.

If you do need to license media that was created by someone outside of SFU, there are a few copyright considerations to keep in mind.

A media outlet or other company or organization may have a standard agreement for licensing copyright protected works. You will want to review this document carefully to ensure it includes the right for SFU (not just your department) to use the image/footage/track in any way and for all time. If this is not part of their standard agreement, ask to negotiate it in. See clause 1 of the template Consent and Release license for the kind of reuses and wording that you want to ensure are included in the license.

If you are asking an individual (such as an alumnus or student, attendee at an event, or other member of the public) for permission to use their image/recording, you will have to provide a license for them to sign. We have a template Consent and Release license you can use; just fill in the required information. This license gives SFU the right to use that material in any way and for all time.

Keep all signed agreements on file in your office.