Is there a limit to how much I can copy?

Yes. If you are copying material for use in a course, fair dealing allows for limited copying of short excerpts of copyright protected works. SFU has fair dealing limits for copying for educational purposes set out in the policy Application of Fair Dealing under Policy R30.04. The material copied can only be distributed to students engaged in a specific course of study at SFU and cannot be made available to those not in the class. The short excerpt can be made available as a class handout (or email); in Canvas; or as part of a coursepack. See below, and refer to the Copyright Information Graphic for details.

The amount of a short excerpt that can be copied for educational purposes under fair dealing at SFU is:

 (i) Up to 10% of a copyright protected work,

(ii) One chapter from a book (a short story is not a chapter but is a complete work and therefore is not a short excerpt),

(iii) A single article from a periodical,

(iv) An entire artistic work from a copyright protected work containing other artistic works,

(v) An entire newspaper article or page,

(vi) A single poem or musical score from a copyright protected work containing other poems or musical scores,

(vii) An entire entry from an encyclopedia, annotated bibliography, dictionary or similar reference work.

The limits described above are mutually exclusive. Use the one that works best in the specific situation.

NOTE: Copying or communicating multiple short excerpts from the same copyright protected work, with the:

(i) Effect of exceeding the copying limits set out in Section 4.4 of this Appendix or

(ii) Intention of copying or communicating substantially the entire work,

is prohibited.

If you are copying material for use on a website, in publicity materials, for publication or any other use outside a course, you may need the permission of the copyright holder. See the Instructors' resources page for sources of less copyright-restricted materials, or contact the Copyright Officer ( with a specific question or for help obtaining permission.