Idrisi GIS site licensed software


IDRISI GIS is a powerful raster-based GIS and remote sensing software system produced by Clark Labs at Clark University. The current version of IDRISI is TerrSet.

Site License Overview & Authorization

The Simon Fraser University licensing agreement covers the Burnaby campus for Clark Labs IDRISI GIS & CartaLinx products. The software can only be installed on SFU departmental computers. Off-campus use of the site-licensed is prohibited. However, students may purchase a Student Starter License (fully functional, but expires after one year) for a reduced price ($39 US) directly from Clark Labs.

IDRISI Software Download

Product Setup Notes Platform File Size
IDRISI TerrSet 18.31 Software only (no tutorial / documentation) Windows 401 MB
IDRISI Selva 17 Software and Documentation Windows  250 MB
Client Activation   

See "License Server" below


**NOTE** The IDRISI installation uses Window's User Account Control (UAC). It is very important that administrators adhere to the following instructions when activating and running IDRISI TerrSet.

Client Activation

In order to access the license file, the client computer must be joined to the campus active directory domain and the user is logged in using a campus computing account. On the client machines, open the IDRISI TerrSet License Manager and select the Client (Network) option. Then enter the UNC path to the server license file “\\\idrisi\License\terrset.lic”.

To deactivate a license:

1. Launch the IDRISI TerrSet License Manager.

2. Select Deactivate License and re-enter your License ID and Password.

3. Click Deactivation to deactivate the license.

Your License ID and Password will remain the same for activating on a new or reformatted machine.

IDRISI License Manager must be run as with elevated permissions. Once the license is activated, the IDRISI TerrSet application must be run once as with elevated permissions. Both of these steps can be accomplished from the Windows Start Menu IDRISI Terrset Program group and right-clicking on License Manager or the IDRISI TerrSet application and choosing Run as Administrator.

If you have problems with the software installation, please contact Alfred Leung at

Technical Support

Clark Labs provides technical support on the web, including a user forum, technical notes, and software patches and updates.

Only the accredited university technical contact may call the vendor. Please forward queries by email to Neal Baldwin, Library Systems at