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Enjoy Virtual GIS Day events worldwide

GIS Day:  Discovering the world through GIS

About the day

GIS Day is an annual worldwide celebration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. 

This year, 2020, GIS Day is officially on Wednesday 18 November. With COVID-19, it is going to look different. Many events will move to virtual space and open to the public, which means you will be able to enjoy the events in the comfort of your home!

Selected virtual events worldwide

Virtual GIS Day 2020- The National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence  November 18, 2020 
Enjoy a day full of talks, technical sessions, and humanitarian mapping activities. Check out the full schedule. Also check out their 2020 Vrtual GIS Day Map Contest & Gallery (info on the homepage)!

Shared Knowledge in a Democratic Society and Connected World  November 18, 2020 
A webinar hosted by University Consortium for Geographic Information Science. The webinar will look at some information standards and practices that can help to enable ditributed geographic information shareable in a connected world. 

Huston Area GIS Day 2020
Business people, educators, students, and the general public converge to talk about GIS. Since its debut, this event has grown steadily to achieve a prominent position with public, private and governmental agencies in the GIS field.

Celebrate it at SFU

The research Commons is hosting a few GIS workshops in November, including a brand-new Web Mapping Workshop series. Join us and learn new GIS/mapping skills! 

Web Mapping Workshop series

Intro to Web Mapping Web Mapping with R
An interactive web map is a great tool for both data exploration and communicating your research with a wide audience, academic and public alike. This Web Mapping workshop series of 2 workshops will help researchers across disciplines understand what a web map is and how to create one in two different ways, namely ArcGIS online and R. 

Mapping Spatial Data with Story Maps Workshop Series 

Introduction to the Spatial Elements of Textual Analysis  & Introduction to Spatial Data in Humanities: Creating Story Maps 
Come and learn how to extract data from your research, get it ready for analysis, and use Story Maps to turn place-based information into narratives with a combination of maps, images, and text. 



November 18