Can I print or copy special document sizes and types at the Library?

Colour printing

You can print in colour at all SFU Library locations, using selected printers.

SFU Burnaby

At the W.A.C. Bennett Library a colour printer is available on the third floor among the assignment computer stations.

SFU Vancouver

The Belzberg Library has 2 colour printers in the library.

There is another colour printer in room 1300 (ACS lab).

SFU Surrey

The Fraser Library has 2 colour printers in the Media/Reserves area, 3620.

There are also colour printers in room 3064 and 3355.

Colour scanning/copying

Any printer in SFU Libraries can copy/scan in colour. Select colour by adjusting settings at printer, prior to copy/scan.

You can also scan your image in the Library and then print in colour. You may use the attached scanners, or use to scan-to-email feature on the photocopiers.

Scanning is free.

Double-side printing

The default printer setting is double-sided.

To change to single-sided printing:

  • in MS Office, go to file > print > printer properties > printing shortcuts > general everyday printing > okay
  • in a web browser, go to file > print > properties > print type: one sided > okay

Oversize pages

There are no oversize printers at SFU Libraries, however there are oversize copiers at all SFU campuses.

SFU Burnaby

There is an oversize (11 x 17) copier on the 6th floor of the W.A.C. Bennett Library. The oversize copier is copier "6B". Press "User Box", then "Paper" to select paper size.

SFU Vancouver

Two of the copiers at the Belzberg Library will make 11 X 17 (ledger) sized copies.

SFU Surrey

There is no oversize copier at the Fraser Library. For oversized copies, go to Document Solutions (Mezzanine 2590).


You cannot print onto transparencies on Library copiers/printers.

Check with local photocopy shops.

Printing at SFU (outside the Library)

For SFU IT Services' up-to-date information on printing services at all three SFU campuses, see Student Printing Services.