"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) monitors at the SFU Library

Larger monitors for your laptop

Looking for larger screens for your work? You can now plug your laptop into BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") monitors at all SFU libraries.


 Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby

Bennett 3rd floor (main floor):

  • The BYOD monitors are at the west side of the computers, towards the Student Learning Commons, and to the east.
  • Maps: On the 3rd floor plan, the BYOD is in the left-side computer area (west side of the floor), marked by the the red vertical bar on the right edge. 

Bennett 6th floor:

  • The BYOD monitors are at the north computer lab area. 
  • Maps: On the 6th floor plan, the BYOD section is at the Computers and Carrels area.

Bennett 7th floor:

  • The BYOD monitors are at the Research Commons 7000 for graduate students. 
  • Maps: On the 7th floor plan, the BYOD section is at the Research Commons 7000, by the windows area.

 Fraser Library, SFU Surrey

Fraser Library has BYOD monitors with external mice and keyboards:

See also: Fraser Library technical details.

 Belzberg Library, SFU Vancouver

Belzberg main floor:

Belzberg mezzanine/second floor:

Technical details 

Bennett and Belzberg Libraries

  • Monitors: Dell UltraSharp U2722DE or U2722D, and Dell Curved C3422WE.
  • Connecting:
    • You can use the labelled USB-C and HDMI cables that are attached to the monitors. 
    • Most of the connectors are plug-and-play: they will automatically detect your laptop and display mirrored/extended images depending on your settings.
    • USB-C connectors will deliver displays and power charging.
    • Other cables may be available from Access Services (at the Library front desk) at the Bennett Library and service desks at Belzberg and Fraser. 
  • Note that Macbooks will deliver mirror images on the 2nd monitor.
  • For custom display settings such as input, and brightness, you can use the joystick control on the rear of the monitor, next to the power buttons (on the right-hand side). 

A laptop showing both an HDMI connector and a USB-C connector

With the Dell UltraSharp monitor, you can use an HDMI connector and/or a USB-C connector.

A laptop showing a USB-C connector, for extended display and also power charging.

With the Dell Curved VCM monitor, you can use a USB-C connector, for extended display(s) and also charging. 


Fraser Library

  • Fraser Library BYOD Stations offer one extra monitor with external mouse and keyboard. 
  • Monitors: Dell UltraSharp U2722DE 
  • Connecting: 
    • USB-C or HDMI + USB-A cables that are attached to the monitors. 
    • Full size keyboard and mice are available for use. 
    • USB-C connectors will deliver power charging your device. 
A large monitor attached to a laptop, keyboard, and mouse
A Fraser Library BYOD station.