Graduate individual study rooms at Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

I'm a grad student at SFU. Can I get private study space in the library?

Bookable graduate individual study rooms for short-term use (self-serve booking) are available for graduate students. 

SFU Graduate students may book one of 14 small private study rooms on a daily basis at the W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby), during W.A.C. Bennett Library's open hours.  To book a room see How can I book a room?.

Each office includes a desk and chair, and has wifi access.  They are suitable for one to two students.

Who is eligible?

Currently enrolled SFU graduate students can use this service.

Where are the study rooms?

14 study rooms are available on the south side of the 5th floor at the Bennett Library (rooms 5055 - 5085). 

How can I book a room?

To book a study room:

  1. Go to the booking site: Graduate Individual Study Rooms (Bennett Library).
  2. Choose the room you’d like to book.
  3. Each graduate student may make a maximum of two bookings per week. Each booking can be for the full day (subject to the Library’s open hours).
  4. Review the date and start time of your booking.
  5. Click on Submit Times.

Please be considerate of your colleagues: only book a room for the time you need and cancel your booking if no longer required.

How long can I book a room?

Each graduate student may make a maximum of two bookings per week. Each booking can be for the full day (subject to the Library open hours).

Rooms are only available for booking during the current semester.

How do I access the room?

You will need a key.

Go to the W.A.C. Bennett Library Service Desk on the main floor to borrow the key to the room you have booked. You will need to present your SFU ID/Library card to borrow the key as well as the booking confirmation or reminder email in order to check out the key. 

Loans staff will sign a key out to you for the duration of your booking. Please lock the door when you have finished using the room. Keys must be returned before the Service Desk closes that day or fines will be incurred.


Please contact if you have questions about Individual Graduate Room bookings.