Exhibition and display policy

Simon Fraser University Library will from time to time develop and display exhibitions that serve the needs of the Library. The Library may co-operate with Simon Fraser University Departments, other libraries, universities, governments, societies or individuals to develop exhibitions for SFU Library. SFU Library may also accept exhibitions from other entities when, in the judgement of SFU Library, the subject and character of the exhibition adds to the educational mission of the Library.

Display spaces

Spaces in which exhibitions may be mounted include, but are not limited to, Special Collections and Rare Books, the Library entrance, and Belzberg Library.

Purpose of exhibitions

Exhibitions at SFU Library will serve one or more of these functions:

  • Inform the SFU community about the holdings of the Library.
  • Highlight current Library issues.
  • Convey information about the operation of the Library.
  • Show aspects of the development of knowledge or learning.
  • Tell about the production, transmission, distribution, collection and/or use of texts or other Library resources.
  • Promote the fundraising work of the Library.
  • Provide information about an individual, group or event(s) of interest to the SFU community.

Qualities of exhibitions

  • Whenever possible, exhibited material should include bibliographical descriptions and/or notes that provide a context for, and understanding of, the material displayed.
  • Exhibitions should be eye-catching and of professional quality.
  • All material held by the Library is regarded as suitable for exhibition.

Initiating an exhibition

Library staff should be encouraged to make proposals for exhibitions.  Proposals by organizations from outside the Library may be considered.  Proposals for exhibitions shall be made to:

Preparation of exhibitions -- responsibility

A curator of a given exhibition will be assigned at the time an exhibition is approved.


The first priority for the exhibition space attached to Special Collections and Rare Books will go to exhibitions that use or relate to special collections and rare books.

Borrowed materials

The Library may borrow materials for exhibitions provided that proper insurance and shipping arrangements are made and that appropriate letters of transmittal are provided.


The Secretary to the University Librarian shall maintain an overall timetable for exhibitions.

Created 2000.