Colour correction gel - Rosco Cinegel

Rosco Cinegel - coloured gels for colour correction/filtering/light control.

Each kit contains a variety of colours, with 2x sheets per colour for a total of 34x sheets in each kit.

The following colours are in each kit:

  • R4960 CalColor 90 Red
  • R3308 Tough Minusgreen
  • R2010 Storaro Magenta
  • R3420 Roscsun Double CTO
  • R4590 CalColor 90 Yellow
  • R87 Pale Yellow Green
  • R2003 Storaro Yellow
  • R89 Moss Green
  • R2004 Storaro Green
  • R2005 Storaro Cyan
  • R3220 Double Blue CTB
  • R2008 Storaro Indigo
  • R65 Daylight Blue
  • R2009 Storaro Violet
  • R39 Skelton Ecotic Sangria
  • R3407 Roscosun CTO - daylight to tungsten
  • R3202 Full Blue CTB - tungsten to daylight

Do not cut or rip gel sheet into smaller size

Wood clips are available at request 

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Equipment Collection
SIAT Equipment - Available to SIAT students
Course / Who may borrow
IAT 202
IAT 244
IAT 344
IAT 443
Loan Period
1 day