Collection Management Office Vendor Policy


Vendors are organizations or individuals which sell materials or services to the library.  This policy relates to the purchase of material for Library Collections.


The Library purchases as much material and as many services as possible from the smallest number of vendors possible.  This policy shall not be interpreted or implemented in such a way as to inhibit or prevent the purchase of needed materials or services.


This policy is designed to:  minimize the total cost of acquiring library materials and services, provide the most efficient acquisitions system possible by eliminating unneeded processes within the University such as cheque production, and give the Library an effective voice in the marketplace for materials and services.

Selection of Vendors

Whenever possible, serials are purchased through vendors.  Competitive pricing and discounts, the effectiveness of automated services, speed of delivery, condition of materials, efficiency in starting and stopping subscriptions, speed in replacement of items claimed, good management reports and sound accounting processes are the criteria for the selection of serials vendors.

Whenever possible monographs are purchased using approval plans.  Competitive pricing, the effectiveness of automated services, condition of materials, speed of delivery, effectiveness of the approval system and sound accounting processes are the criteria for the selection of monograph vendors.