SFU Library Publishing collections policy

Publishing at SFU has a Master in Publishing Program, a professional degree program in the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, as well as a Minor in Publishing. Publishing also hosts non-credit Publishing Workshop programs.

The Centre’s course and research areas are:

Design and Editing; Book Publishing  and Magazine Publishing; Publishing Technology; Policy and Management;  History of Publishing.  Undergraduate courses also cover graphic design and marketing.

Collection development is the responsibility of the Publishing Liaison Librarian. Liaison with the Publishing Program is maintained through the Departmental Representative as well as with other faculty members when required. Regular contact with other liaison librarians and teaching departments is nurtured through the sharing of relevant review material.

SFU Resources

The Belzberg Library is the major location for the University’s Publishing collection, although the Bennett Library has useful materials in the Communication, English (Print Culture) and Business Administration collections.

Regional Resources

The University of British Columbia also has a collection supporting its Creative Writing MFA.

Consortia and Document Delivery

SFU belongs to three consortia (BC Electronic Library Network; Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries; and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries). Document delivery agreements exist with all three of these consortia which allow delivery of journal articles and books from member libraries in a timely manner. Holdings and direct requesting from over 40 libraries are accessible through the Interlibrary Loan web page and from many databases, and interlibrary loans are also arranged with other libraries around the world, as needed. Besides document delivery benefits, membership in these and other consortia, including the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, also offers substantial savings on the collective purchase of licensed electronic resources.

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: the emphasis is on the acquisition of materials in English, but those in French may also be acquired.
Chronological guidelines: not applicable.
Geographical guidelines: the emphasis is on Canadian materials.
Treatment of subject: selection will be primarily from the Coutts profile, as well as bibliographies, reference works, etc.
Types of materials: collecting is split between books and journals. There is a growing emphasis on e-journals and web resources.
Date of Publication: emphasis is on current publications. Retrospective acquisitions are normally only for the replacement of important titles which have deteriorated or disappeared.
Coordination and cooperation with other campus resources: Publishing has a reading room with periodicals, government reports, Publishing theses and projects, and publishers' catalogues.


  • Book industry & trade
  • Electronic publishing
  • Online publishing
  • Business Administration - Printing & publishing industry
  • Publishing as a career

Secondary headings (as needed)

  • Individual publishers
  • Periodicals publishing
  • Individual periodicals
  • Other specific publishing
  • Book selling
  • Literary market
  • Authorship
  • Information technology
  • Interactive media
  • Technical documentation
  • Science & technology history - general
  • Printing history
  • Private presses
  • Book design
  • Book binding
  • Printing technology
  • Paper technology
  • Alphabets
  • Typography
  • Book collecting
  • Books about books
  • Libraries and society
  • Copyright
  • Censorship
  • Intellectual freedom

The Library uses approval plans with Coutts, a book vendor that canvasses a range of publishers. This plan is customized to provide approval forms in a variety of vendor-described subdisciplines of publishing. The emphasis here is on monographs.

The Library also selects books through vendor catalogues, publication lists of relevant publishing associations, and requests from Publishing faculty and students. Throughout, the Liaison Librarian will exercise discretion in any of these categories.