SFU Library Health Sciences collections policy

The Faculty of Health Sciences was established in September 2004. This is a multi-disciplinary faculty with broad areas of research. Much of the focus is on public health and epidemiology.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers two graduate degrees: a Masters of Science (MSc) in Population and Public Health, and a Masters of Arts in Global Health, These programs prepare both established professionals and recent graduates for positions of leadership in health research and in the health professions, meeting a rapidly growing need in health care across Canada. The Faculty also offers and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences is currently being developed.

The SFU Library collects materials in the health sciences to support the courses, research, and goals of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Collection development is the responsibility of the Health Sciences Librarian. Liaison with the Faculty of Health Sciences is maintained through the Departmental Representative as well as with other faculty members when required. Regular contact with other liaison librarians and teaching departments is nurtured through the sharing of relevant review material.

SFU Resources

The W.A.C. Bennett Library is the major location for the University's Health Sciences collection. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the field, there is a wide overlap with other SFU Library collections such as statistics, kinesiology, psychology, and many other social sciences.

Regional Resources

The University of British Columbia also has a large Health Sciences collection representing many branches of the discipline.

Consortia and Document Delivery

SFU belongs to three consortia (Electronic Library Network; Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries; and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries). Document delivery agreements exist with all three of these consortia which allow delivery of journal articles and books from these libraries in a timely manner. Holdings and direct requesting from over 40 libraries are accessible through the Interlibrary Loan Web page and from many databases.

General Collection Guidelines

Languages: the emphasis is on the acquisition of materials in English.
Chronological guidelines: as the collection supports both historical and current research, materials covering all chronological periods will be collected. Emphasis will, however, be on materials whose subjects focus on the present and the recent past.
Geographical guidelines: the international focus of the Faculty of Health Sciences research mandates that materials dealing with all countries and regions be collected. There will, in addition, be specific focuses on materials that concern British Columbia and Canada.
Treatment of subject: all available treatments of the subject will be collected to varying degrees. These include statistical, social, historical, economic, legal, etc.
Types of materials: collecting is split between books and journals.
Date of publication: emphasis is on current publications. Retrospective acquisitions are also being acquired as this is a new Faculty.
Coordination and cooperation with other campus resources: none at this time.
Other factors for consideration: none at this time.

Subjects and Levels of Collecting

The following table lists the main subjects collected by the SFU Library in support of the Health Sciences teaching areas and research interests. Subjects listed are collected to varying depths. The method in which the library selects books on each subject is listed in the second column of the table. A designation of “Books” in this column means that items which fit the General Guidelines (above) for the subject in question are sent on an approval basis to the library. In such cases, a significant portion of the books on that topic will be acquired for the collection. A designation of “Forms,” on the other hand, means that only brief descriptions of the books on the subject in question are sent to the library. The liaison librarian, often with the assistance of the department or faculty representative or other faculty members, then selects the relevant items for acquisition by the library.

1. Law division  
a. Social legislation (law) division  
i. Mental health laws
   b. Health laws division
      i. Health laws - general
      ii. Public health
      iii. Burial laws
      iv. Food-drugs-cosmetics laws
      v. Narcotic laws  
3. Medicine division
   a. Medicine - general
   b. Early medicine
   c. Allied medical fields division
      i. Allied medical fields - general
      ii. Medicine related to history
      iii. Medical philosophy
      iv. Practice of medicine division
         (1) Practice of medicine - general
         (2) Biomedical ethics
         (3) Medical malpractice  
         (4) Medical specialties  
         (5) Doctor and patient
         (6) Patient advocacy  
         (7) Euthanasia
         (8) Medical records Forms
      v. Health care systems division  
         (1) Health care systems - general Forms
         (2) Health care administration Forms
         (3) Comparative health care systems Forms
         (4) Private health care Forms
         (5) National/state health care Forms
         (6) Managed care Forms
         (7) Other health care systems Forms
      vi. Preventive medicine division  
         (1) Mental & emotional well-being Forms
         (2) Other preventive medicine Forms
      vii. Economics of medicine  
      viii. Sociology of medicine  
      ix. Psychology of medicine  
      x. Medical education  
      xi. Biomedical research
      xii. Medical statistics  
      xiii. Medical physics   
      xiv. Biomedicine division
         (1) Biomedicine - general
         (2) Biomedical materials
      xv. Individual and health division
         (1) Mental health
      xvi. Hospitals division
         (1) Hospitals - general 
         (2) Hospital personnel  
      xvii. Patients and patient care division
         (1) Patients and patient care - general Forms
         (2) Intensive care Forms
         (3) Convalescent care Forms
         (4) Terminal care Forms
         (5) Out-patient care Forms
         (6) Other special patient care Forms
      xviii. Emergency medicine
      xix. Hospital sanitation, etc.
      xx. Specific types of hospitals
         (1) Psychiatric hospitals Forms
         (2) Medical clinics Forms
         (3) Other types of hospitals Forms
      xxi. Ambulance services 
      xxii. Public health division
         (1) Public health - general 
         (2) School hygiene 
         (3) Medical care provision
         (4) Public sanitation  
         (5) Health regulations  
         (6) Immunity & Immunization Forms
         (7) Transmission of disease Forms
         (8) Epidemics & Epidemiology division Books
               (a) Epidemics & Epidemiology - general Books
               (b) Epidemics Books
               (c) Epidemiology Books
               (d) Quarantine Books
               (e) Disinfection Books
               (f) Medical geography Books
               (g) Medical climatology Books
      xxiii. General medicine division 
         (1) General medicine - general Forms
         (2) Pathology division Forms
               (a) Pathology - general Forms
               (b) Clinical pathology Forms
               (c) Pathological anatomy & histology Forms
               (d) Manifestations of disease Forms
               (e) Theories of disease Forms
         (3) Diagnosis & examination division Forms
               (a) Diagnosis & examination - general Forms
               (b) Medical radiography Forms
               (c) Surgical diagnosis & examination Forms
         (4) Medical toxicology Forms
         (5) Comparative medicine Forms
         (6) Environmental health Forms
         (7) Nuclear medicine Forms
         (8) Tropical medicine Forms
         (9) Arctic medicine Forms
      xxiv. Internal medicine division
         (1) Internal medicine - general Forms
         (2) Infectious diseases division  
               (a) Infectious diseases - general Forms
               (b) Virus diseases Forms
               (c) Bacterial diseases Forms
               (d) Mycotic diseases Forms
               (e) Spirochetal diseases Forms
               (f) Parasitic diseases Forms
               (g) Venereal diseases Forms
               (h) Neoplastic diseases Forms
               (i) Tuberculosis Forms
               (j) Other infectious diseases Forms
         (3) Allergic diseases division  
               (a) Allergic diseases - general Forms
               (b) Asthma Forms
               (c) Hay fever Forms
               (d) Dermoallergy Forms
               (e) Food allergies Forms
               (f) Autoimmune diseases Forms
         (4) Medical immunology Forms
         (5) Metabolic diseases Forms
         (6) Endocrinology division  
               (a) Endocrinology - general Forms
               (b) Diseases of the thyroid Forms
               (c) Diseases of the pituitary Forms
               (d) Diabetes Forms
               (e) Other endocrine diseases Forms
         (7) Cardiography Forms
         (8) Cardiology division  
               (a) Diseases of blood vessels Forms
               (b) Cerebrovascular diseases Forms
         (9) Medical hematology Forms
         (10) Diseases of body fluids Forms
         (11) Pulmonary medicine division  
               (a) Pulmonary medicine -- general Forms
               (b) Diseases of lungs Forms
               (c) Diseases of bronchia Forms
               (d) Diseases of the larynx Forms
         (12) Gastroenterology division  
               (a) Gastroenterology - general Forms
               (b) Diseases of oral cavity Forms
               (c) Diseases of salivary glands Forms
               (d) Diseases of esophagus Forms
               (e) Diseases of stomach Forms
               (f) Diseases of duodenum Forms
               (g) Diseases of appendix Forms
               (h) Diseases of liver Forms
               (i) Diseases of gall bladder Forms
               (j) Diseases of pancreas Forms
               (k) Diseases of intestine Forms
               (l) Proctology Forms
         (13) Genitourinary diseases division  
               (a) Genitourinary diseases - general Forms
               (b) Urology Forms
               (c) Andrology Forms
               (d) Female urinary diseases Forms
               (e) Nephrology Forms
               (f) Diseases of the bladder Forms
         (14) Rheumatology Forms
         (15) Musculoskeletal diseases division  
               (a) Diseases of bone Forms
               (b) Diseases of the spine Forms
               (c) Diseases of joints Forms
               (d) Diseases of muscles Forms
               (e) Diseases of tissue Forms
               (f) Arthritic conditions Forms
         (15) Internal medicine by region  
               (a) Diseases of head and neck Forms
               (b) Diseases of chest Forms
               (c) Diseases of abdomen Forms
               (d) Diseases of pelvis Forms
               (e) Diseases of extremities Forms
      xxv. Molecular medicine
         (1) Gene therapy
         (2) Oncogenes
      xxvi. Neurology division
         (1) Diseases of central nervous system Forms
         (2) Diseases of brain division  
               (a) Diseases of brain - general Forms
         (3) Brain damage Forms
         (4) Cerebrovascular diseases Forms
         (5) Diseases of the spinal cord Forms
         (6) Diseases of nerves Forms
         (7) Pain Forms
      xxvii. Psychiatry division
         (1) Psychiatry - general
         (2) Consultation liaison Forms
         (3) Psychoanalysis Forms
         (4) Psychoanalysis Forms
     xxviii. Dermatology Forms
      xxix. Anesthesiology division  
         (1) Anesthesiology - general Forms
         (2) Anesthetic agents Forms
         (3) Anesthetic complications Forms
      xxx. Surgery division  
         (1) Surgery - general Forms
         (2) General surgery Forms
               (a) Surgical anatomy Forms
               (b) Surgical physiology Forms
               (c) Surgical immunology Forms
               (d) Surgical complications Forms
         (3) Techniques of surgery division  
               (a) Techniques of surgery - general Forms
               (b) Preoperative care Forms
               (c) Postoperative care Forms
      xxxi. Gynecology division  
         (1) Gynecology - general Forms
         (2) Female systemic disorders Forms
         (3) Female genital diseases Forms
         (4) Gynecologic surgery Forms
         (5) Diseases of the breast Forms
      xxxii. Obstetrics division  
         (1) Obstetrics - general Forms
         (2) Pregnancy Forms
         (3) Conception (Human) Forms
         (4) Contraception Forms
         (5) Human embryology Forms
         (6) Embryo & fetus Forms
         (7) Diseases of pregnancy Forms
         (8) Labor & child delivery Forms
               (a) Multiple birth Forms
         (9) Medical abortion Forms
         (10) Postnatal care of mother Forms
         (11) Perinatal medicine Forms
         (12) Obstetric surgery Forms
      xxxiii. Family practice Forms
      xxxiv. Pediatrics division Forms
         (1) Pediatrics - general Forms
         (2) Newborn infants Forms
         (3) Diseases of children division Forms
               (a) Diseases of children - general Forms
               (b) Diseases of infants Forms
               (c) Diseases of adolescents Forms
         (4) Congenital diseases / malformations Forms
         (5) Pediatric hygiene Forms
         (6) Child anesthesiology Forms
         (7) Child surgery Forms
         (8) Child anatomy / physiology Forms
      xxxv. Other fields of medicine  
         (1) Medical physiology Forms
         (2) Medical biochemistry Forms
         (3) Medical anatomy division  
               (a) Medical anatomy - general Forms
         (4) Medical cytology Forms
         (5) Medical bacteriology Forms
         (6) Medical virology Forms
         (7) Medical radiology Forms
         (8) Medical genetics Forms
      xxxvi. Other forms of medicine division  
         (1) Other forms of medicine - general Forms
         (2) Holistic medicine Forms
         (3) Homeopathy Forms
         (4) Botanic medicine Forms
         (5) Folk medicine Forms
         (6) Mental healing Forms
         (7) Osteopathy Forms
         (8) Chiropractic Forms
         (9) Indian medicine Forms
         (10) Chinese medicine Forms
         (11) Acupuncture Forms
      xxxvii. Therapeutics division  
         (1) Therapeutics - general Forms
         (2) Administration of drugs Forms
         (3) Clinical pharmacology Forms
               (a) Drugs side effects Forms
         (3) Chemotherapy division  
               (a) Chemotherapy - general Forms
      xxxviii. Physical medicine & therapy division  
         (1) Massage & manipulation therapy Forms
         (2) Hydrotherapy Forms
         (3) Radiotherapy Forms
         (4) Ultrasonic therapy Forms
         (5) Thermotherapy Forms
         (6) Inhalation therapy Forms
         (7) Electrotherapy Forms
         (8) Art therapy Forms
         (9) Music therapy Forms
         (10) Occupational therapy Forms
         (11) Other specific physical therapy Forms
4. Pharmacy division
   a. Pharmacy - general
      i. Pharmacy, materia medica division  
         (1) Pharmacy, materia medica - general Forms
         (2) Pharmacopoeias Forms
         (3) Pharmacognosy Forms
         (4) Radiopharmaceuticals Forms
      ii. Non-prescription drugs Forms
5. Nursing & allied health division
   a. Nursing & allied health - general  
   b. Nursing research 
   c. Health practitioners
   d. Related nursing fields Forms
      i. Rehabilitation nursing Forms
      ii. Physiotherapy nursing Forms
      iii. Medical records Forms
   e. Allied health fields division  
      i. Allied health fields - general Forms
      ii. Midwifery Forms
      iii. Health visitors Forms
      iv. Practical nursing Forms
   f. Nurse & patient Forms
6. Special subjects division
   a. Brandon-Hill lists
      i. Brandon-Hill Small medical  
         (1) Brandon-Hill Medical initial purchase Forms
         (2) Brandon-Hill Medical core list Forms
      ii. Brandon-Hill Nursing Forms
         (1) Brandon-Hill nursing initial purchase Forms
      iii. Brandon-Hill Allied Health Forms
         (1) Brandon-Hill allied health initial purchase Forms