Weeding of Materials Policy and Procedures

Disposal of Materials

The process of building and maintaining a library's collections requires that the library dispose of materials which are unnecessarily duplicated, obsolete, damaged, worn out or unnecessary for research, study or other needs.


The Library disposes of unneeded material in whichever way is most appropriate and efficient.  Materials may be given to other departments of the University, other institutions, agencies, and individuals, sold through the University Bookstore, sold elsewhere or discarded.  This policy also applies to gift materials.

Guidelines for the disposal of materials

  • Title pages of all books weeded from the collections are stamped with the Library's discard stamp to show that they are no longer Library property.  The call number labels are covered with tape if the book is to be sold.  Personal ownership marks are not normally removed.
  • Materials, which are of no use, are discarded by arrangement with Library Receiving.
  • Materials of potential use at the University or affiliated organizations may be shelved if they should be viewed by contact persons.
  • Materials may be referred to other institutions in accordance with profiles supplied by those institutions.
  • Books with commercial value may be sold through the University Bookstore or through the used or antiquarian book trade.  Receipts are deposited to the Library account 11-113113-8739.
  • All books sold or given to individuals must be accompanied by a numbered invoice which will include the number of books sold or given away and may include a list of the books sold or given away.

Created 1992.