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Selected new books and other items purchased by the Library

This list displays selected new books and other items added to the Library's collection during the past month.  The list is updated once per week on Monday morning.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the Library's collection.  Suggest a Title for Purchase or contact your librarian.


If your department is not listed, no new items were added in your department's area during the last month.

ENVISIONING BETTER CITIES : a global tour of good ideas.

Essentials of landscape ecology

Essential statistics for the behavioral sciences

Ethics and the orator : the Ciceronian tradition of political morality

Eugene O'Neill and the reinvention of theatre aesthetics

Everyday crimes : social violence and civil rights in colonial America

Everything and other performance texts from Germany

Everything below the waist : why health care needs a feminist revolution

Evolved emotions : an interdisciplinary and functional analysis

EWVA : European women's video art in the 70s and 80s

Exercise biochemistry

Exit plans for teenage freaks

Exploring BeagleBone : tools and techniques for building with embedded Linux

Exploring Key Issues in Early Childhood and Technology : Evolving Perspectives and Innovative Approaches.

Explosions : Michael Bay and the pyrotechnics of the imagination

FANZINE GRRRRLS : diy revolution in female self publishing.

Faulkner and money : Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2017

Fear of breakdown : politics and psychoanalysis

Feeling animal death : being host to ghosts

Female authorship, patronage, and translation in late medieval France : from Christine de Pizan to Louise Labé

Feminism for the 99 percent : a manifesto

Fiction without humanity : person, animal, thing in early Enlightenment literature and culture

Fierce medicines, fragile socialities : grounding global HIV treatment in Tanzania

Financing the 2016 election