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Selected new books and other items purchased by the Library

This list displays selected new books and other items added to the Library's collection during the past month.  The list is updated once per week on Monday morning.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the Library's collection.  Suggest a Title for Purchase or contact your librarian.


If your department is not listed, no new items were added in your department's area during the last month.

Probability and mathematical statistics : theory, applications, and practice in R


Product design and the supply chain : competing through design

Prohibitions and psychoactive substances in history, culture and theory

Propaganda Art in the 21st Century

Prostitution in medieval and early modern literature : the dark side of sex and love in the premodern era

Protecting historic coastal cities : case studies in resilience


Psychiatric genetics : from hereditary madness to big biology

Psychogastroenterology for adults : a handbook for mental health professionals

Psychology and adult learning : the role of theory in informing practice

Psychotherapy for psychosis : integrating cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic treatment

Public policy in Canada : an introduction


Queer community : identities, intimacies, and ideology

Queer troublemakers : the poetics of flippancy

Quichotte : a novel

Race after technology : abolitionist tools for the new Jim code

Race as phenomena : between phenomenology and philosophy of race

Race, Islam and power : ethnic and religious violence in post-Suharto Indonesia

Radiant with color & art : McLoughlin Brothers and the business of picture books, 1858-1920 : December 6, 2017-February 3, 2018, The Grolier Club, New York

Rage inside the machine : the prejudice of algorithms, and how to stop the internet making bigots of us all

Raveling the brain : toward a transdisciplinary neurorhetoric

RAYMOND WILLIAMS : cultural analyst.