Library Course Assessment for
WS 317
May 10, 2007


This is the Library's course assessment for WS 317: Bread Riots to Riot Grrls: Gender, Resistance, and Protest in Historical Perspective. This course will first be offered in September 2007 on the Burnaby Campus with an estimated enrollment of 25 students.

Overall, the Library is actively collecting in related subject areas. However, the reading list for this course identified some gaps that need to be filled. This assessment lists what needs to be purchased in order to fill those gaps. The following titles are from the reading list for this course, and are currently not in our collection.

The Notorious Mrs. Armstrong / Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc./Journey Films Inc. $250

Coleman Janet Against the state : studies in sedition and rebellion / Janet Coleman ; introduced by Brian Redhead PENGUIN BOOKS LTD.. 0140248161. 9780140248166. X3-L99514. 1995. $16

Letters from an American utopia : the Stetson family and the Northampton Association, 1843-1847
University of Massachusetts Press. 1558494316. 9781558494312. R8-425484. 2004. $42

The women and war reader / ed. by Lois : Ann Lorentzen. ISBN: 9780814751442 [0-8147-5144-X] $77

Curry, Constance, 1933- Silver rights ALGONQUIN BKS OF CHAPEL HILL (NC) /WORKMAN PUBL CO (NY/NC) . 1565120957. 9781565120952. V8-C82104. 1995. US. $26

Total one-time costs for these courses: $411