Library Course Assessment for
Urban Studies
675 Urban Economic Development
September 4, 2007


This is the Library's assessment of URB 675: Urban Economic Development. It will first be offered in the Spring of 2008, and annually thereafter with an estimated enrolment of 15 students. It will be offered at the SFU Vancouver Campus.

Bibliographic Tools

EconLit, Geobase, Geodok, Online Geographical Bibliography and a variety of other multidisciplinary databases, all provided by current library licenses, will be useful for locating resources for these courses. No additional bibliographic tools are needed.


The SFU library has adequate serials holdings in Urban Studies. Most, if not all, of these titles are available electronically and therefore available at all SFU Campuses. For example:

Community development journal
Economic development quarterly
Environment and Planning A
International journal of urban and regional research
Journal of political economy
Journal of urban economics
Journal of urban planning and development
The professional geographer

For more examples, please see the following lists:
Urban Studies ejournals
Urban Studies print journals list (many available at SFU Vancouver)

Please note that the above lists are not exhaustive, but merely examples of our collection.
No additional journal subscriptions are necessary to support this course..


The following titles are available at the Bennett Library, but not at Belzberg. Copies of each will need to be purchased for Belzberg:

Marshall, Alfred. Principles of economics Prometheus Books (UK). 1573921408. 9781573921404. R5-001443. 1997. US. Paper. $14

Regional policy; readings in theory and applications by John Friedmann; William Alonso Publisher: Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press [1975] ISBN: 0262060574 9780262060578 (Three copies @ Bennett. One will be moved to Belzberg.)

Metropolis 1985; interpretation of the findings of the New York metropolitan region study. by Raymond Vernon Publisher: Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1960. (Two copies @ Bennett. One will be moved to Belzberg.)

Krugman, Paul R. Development, geography, and economic theory MIT Press. 0262112035. 9780262112031. N8-862076. 1995. $50

Hirschman, Albert O. The strategy of economic development. WESTVIEW PR (CO) / HARPERCOLLINS (PA) . X9-F56862. 1961. US. (Ten copies @ Bennett. One will be moved to Belzberg.)

Economic theory and under-developed regions. by Gunnar Myrdal Publisher: London, G. Duckworth [©1957] | OCLC: 1611291 available from $57

Storper, Michael. The regional world : territorial development in a global economy Guilford Publications. 1572302585. 9781572302587. X8-P51611. 1997. $68

Saxenian AnnaLee Regional Advantage : Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128 Harvard University Press. 0674753402. 9780674753402. X6-M95178. 1996. UK. Paper. $28

A companion to economic geography Blackwell Publishing. 0631235795. 9780631235798. X5-X87857. 2003. $55

The Oxford handbook of economic geography Oxford University Press Canada. 0198234104. 9780198234104. R6-225075. 2000. $214

The following titles are not available at either the Bennett or Belzberg Libraries. Copies of each will need to be purchased for Belzberg.

Borja, Jordi. Local and global : the management of cities in the information age Earthscan Publications Ltd. 1853834416. 9781853834417. X6-K39865. 1997. $44

The inner city : urban poverty and economic development in the next century / edited by Thomas D. Boston and Catherine L. Ross. Transaction Pubs. 1560009802. 9781560009801. N6-981490. 1997. US. $28

Total Costs: $558

These titles will be purchased out of the existing allocation for Urban Studies. No cost to the Department of Urban Studies.