Systems One First Year Program Proposal

February 24, 2010

Introduction | Monographs | Totals


This is the Library course assessment for the Systems One First Year Program.  This will be a technology-oriented direct entry first year program at the Surrey Campus.  Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Software Systems majors will enroll in Systems One during their first year instead of TechOne and/or ScienceOne programs.

There are three new courses associated with this program:

ENSC 104:  Engineering Graphics and Design
ENSC 105W / CMPT 105W:  Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres
ENSC 106 / CMPT 106:  Applied Science, Technology and Society


The library is currently collecting in many subject areas that will support this program.  Many resources used to support Computing Science, Engineering Science, and TechOne students will prove useful for this program. 

That said, collecting activities in these subject areas will have to be expanded.

Approximately 30 titles at an average cost of $100/year will need to be purchased to support this program.

Additionally, the following subject heading should be turned on with our major book wholesaler:


660216 Engineering graphics (25 titles @ $96/book)

The above subject heading addition will bring in approximately 25 books/year at an average cost of $96/book.
It is estimated that 15 will be purchased.

30 titles @ $100/book= $3,000/year
15 titles @ $96/book= $1,440/year

Monographs Total:  $4,400/year


The SFU library has a large collection of Engineering and Computing Science journals that will support this program.  No additional journal titles are required.  

Ongoing funds: $4,440/year

These costs will be part of the library's request for funding for the 11/112 year. We will await confirmation from Joanne Curry via Natalie Gick, Campus Librarian for Surrey. There are no costs to the Faculty of Applied Sciences.