Software Systems Major


This is the Library's assessment of the Software Systems Major proposed by Computing Science. The major will be offered at the SFU Surrey Campus. The major will focus on software development and software engineering and will offer a credential of B.Sc. It is anticipated that this program will begin in September of 2008 with a student intake of 30-50 students per year.

This Software Systems Major will bring eight new courses to Surrey. The new courses are as follows:

CMPT 170 Introduction to Web Application Development
CMPT 276 Introduction to Software Engineering
CMPT 322W Professional Responsibility and Ethics
CMPT 373 Software Development Methods
CMPT 432 Real-time Systems
CMPT 433 Embedded Systems
CMPT 473 Software Quality Assurance
CMPT 474 Web Systems Architecture


The Library currently provides many journals that will support this program. For example:

ACM transactions on database systems
ACM transactions on graphics
ACM transactions on software engineering and methodology
Applied Soft Computing Journal
Automated software engineering
Electronics systems and software
Empirical software engineering : an international journal
IEEE concurrency
IEEE internet computing
IEEE software
IEEE transactions on dependable and secure computing
IEEE transactions on software engineering
IEEE transactions on software engineering
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics
Information and software technology
International journal on software tools for technology transfer STTT
Journal of mathematical imaging and vision
Journal of software testing, verification, and reliability
Journal of systems and software
Journal of the ACM
Software concepts & tools
Software process improvement and practice
Software process improvement and practice
Software: practice & experience

Please see our subject listing of Computing Science Journals for a more complete list.
No further journal subscriptions are required to support this program.

Bibliographic Tools

The library provides access to a number of databases that will support this program such as the ACM Digital Library, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, and CiteSeer: Scientific Literature Digital Library. For more examples, please see our list of databases in Computing Science.
No further Bibliographic tools will be required.


Relevant Subject headings related to this program and the SFU library's holdings are as follows. The first number are the holdings at the SFU Surrey Library. Numbers in parentheses are holdings across all three SFU Libraries.

Computer software -- quality control 50 (115)
Computer software development 516 (919)
Computers -- moral and ethical aspects 6 (15)
Computers -- social aspects 22 (57)
CSS 59 (65)
Electronic data processing, moral and ethical aspects 3 (10)
Embedded computer systems 99 (225)
Information technology -- moral and ethical aspects 32 (16)
Information technology -- social aspects 131 (252)
Internet 308 (754)
Project management 367 (717)
Python computer program language 64 (73)
Real time data processing 33 (167)
Software engineering 137 (311)
System design 164 (561)
Web services 110 (143)
World Wide Web 235 (458)
XHTML 38 (41)
XML 283 (345)

The SFU Surrey library has a full and active profile for Computing Science with our major book wholesaler. A total of 54 subject headings are turned on to forms. Last year alone, the SFU Surrey Library spent $30,000 on books selected from these forms as well as $1,380 on journals and $11,130 on databases. Funding to support this level of collecting will need to be continued in order to support the proposed Software Systems major. In addition, the Surrey Library will need to add to its forms profile. The additional subject headings will generate approximately 122 forms per year, and it is estimated that approximately 25 of these 122 titles will be selected specifically to support this program.

Existing expenditures that will need to be maintained: $42,510.
Estimated additional cost is $1,125/year (average book cost $45).

Total new costs to support this program: $1,125/year