Library Course Assessment for School of Interactive Arts and Technology
300 & 400 level courses

February 25, 2005

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This is the Library’s assessment of the 300 & 400 level courses proposed by the School for Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT). These courses will be offered at SFU’s Surrey campus beginning in September 2005. Estimated enrolments are projected between 30 and 100 students, with most courses being offered annually.

This assessment is based on the understanding that the core library resources required by students in these courses should be accessible in the SFU Surrey Library. Some secondary materials in the Bennett Library collection at the Burnaby campus can be delivered on demand for students, but this is only appropriate for a small amount of supplementary material.

The proposed courses represent a mixture of content that has been reworked from the existing IAT courses that have been offered at SFU Surrey since its transformation from TechBC, and completely new activity

Courses requiring no additional library support

301 Interactive Media Design
310 Project Management in Creative Industries
312 Foundations of Game Design
313 Narrative and New Media
320 Body Interface
321 Kinesthetic Space
323 Interactive Performance and Installation
331 Interaction & Reception
340 Experimental Sound Design
341 The Fabricated Photograph
342 Animated Image
353 Human Centered Design Studio I
354 Human Centered Design Studio II
386 Directed Studies in Interactive Arts & Technology
387 Directed Studies in Interactive Arts & Technology
393 Interaction Design Workshop I
394 Interaction Design Workshop II
400 Graduation Studio
401 Electronic Culture
410 Advanced Game Design
420 Exhibiting Interactive Installation & Performance Studio
431 Advanced Topics in Interaction Design
443 Image, Sound and Motion
445 Immersive Environments
452 Design Environments
453 Human Centered Design Studio III
454 Human Centered Design Graduation Studio
480 Special Topics in Interactive Arts & Technology (Arts)
481 Special Topics in Interactive Arts & Technology (Science)
482 Special Topics in Performance & Media Arts
483 Special Topics in New Media Environments
484 Special Topics in Technology & Design
485 Special Topics in Interactive Design
486 Directed Studies in Interactive Arts & Technology
487 Directed Studies in Interactive Arts & Technology
490 Honors Research Project
491 Honors Research Project

These courses can be adequately supported by the existing collections at SFU Surrey and current collection development activities. The Special Topics and Directed Studies courses will be supported by the growth of collections in the subject areas covered by dedicated courses on related subjects.

Courses requiring additional library support

302 Cognition in Interactive Environments
322 Issues in Performance and Media Arts
332 Interaction Design Evaluation
333 Interaction Design Praxis
335 Analysis of Design Situations
338 Interactive Prototypes
351 Interaction Technology
352 Knowledge Media
391 Italian Design, Architectural and Art History
392 Italian History and Social Science
411 Design Studio I Ubiquitous, Mobile & Wearable Computing
412 Design Studio II Ubiquitous, Mobile & Wearable Computing
422 Wearing Technologies, Fabricating Experience Studio
430 Design Research
451 Design of Ubiquitous Environments

This list of courses represents significant new activity for SFU Surrey. The following additional resources will be required.

Required Resources

Digital media
The Surrey Library currently has a modest budget for purchasing electronic games, DVDs, videos and digital images. The computer games are a significant and unique collection for the SFU Surrey library; existing collecting will need to be supplemented to support the increased demand for these materials, and to maintain currency of this essential collection.

Ongoing cost: $7,000/year


There will be a need to establish or deepen a core collection of monographs in the following subject areas:

Critical theory
Design research
Evaluation methodologies
Human cognition/cognitive science
Interactive prototyping
Italian art and architecture
Italian history and culture
Knowledge media
Performance & media arts
Ubiquitous and mobile computing
Ubiquitous environments
Wearable computers/wearing technologies

150 books at average cost of $75. This will include the several books listed on the course outlines not currently in the SFU Surrey collection.

One-time cost: $11,250

In addition, an ongoing budget allocation will be required to purchase monographs and conference proceedings in these areas each year. For some of these topics, such as wearable and mobile computing, purchasing selected unpublished theses from cognate schools such as the MIT Media Lab will also be added, since there is very little formally published material on these topics at the present time, and this would provide access to the only suitable material available for upper division undergraduate students.

60 books at average cost of $75

Ongoing cost: $4,500/year

The SFU Library has recently initiated a membership in CogNet from MIT Press, with one-time funds. This expanding and searchable online resource includes electronic books and journals on cognition and cognitive science should be continued, particularly given its attention to applications of cognitive science in interactive environments.

Ongoing cost: $2,400/year

The Surrey library journal collection will also need to be deepened to include additional titles on design and computing arts.

One-time cost (backfiles): $6,000
Ongoing cost: $2,500/year

Bibliographic Tools
The library currently provides access to a wide array of tools that will support the IAT courses above. However, the library’s license to the Art Index online should be upgraded from the existing index-only version to the full-text version. This upgrade will provide IAT students with online access to over 120 journals, many of which are not currently available online at SFU, including Art Criticism, Sight & sound, Studies in iconography, Art Nexus, Surface design journal, Flash art, and Animation magazine, plus many others.

Ongoing cost: $4,300/year

Total cost

One-time: $17,250
Ongoing: $20,700/year

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