Library Assessment for
Master of Financial Risk Management

December 3, 2004

This is the Library's assessment for the proposed Master of Financial Risk Management. This program will be offered as a Cohort Special Arrangements for a maximum of two years, after which it may be regularized. It will be based at SFU downtown.

The program content has many similarities and areas of overlap with the existing MBA in Global Asset and Wealth Management. At the request of the Faculty of Business, the cohort groups for this initial period can rely on the existing GAWM resources in the Belzberg and larger SFU Library.

A preliminary analysis of the adequacy of the Belzberg Library to support this activity indicates that additional resources will ultimately be required to support this program. However, the Library is willing to use the two year special arrangements time to evaluate the exact resource needs of the program. If the program is successful and applies to become a regular offering at SFU, a full Library assessment will be conducted. We anticipate there will be additional Library costs at that time.

New courses covered by this proposal

BUS 856 Special Topics in Financial Risk Management (4 credits)
BUS 857 Structures and Numerical Methods in Financial Risk Management (2 credits)
BUS 859 Directed Studies in Financial Risk Management (4 credits)
BUS 863 Operational Risk Management (2 credits)
BUS 864 Credit Risk Management (4 credits)
BUS 865 Market Risk Management (4 credits)
BUS 866 Enterprise-wide Strategic Risk Management (2 credits)
BUS 867 Accounting for Financial Instruments (2 credits)
BUS 868 Perspectives on Risk and Insurance (2 credits)
BUS 869 Integrating Financial Risk Management (2 credits)
BUS 870 Final Project for Financial Risk Management (4 credits)

There are no new library costs associated with this proposal. When the Master of Financial Risk Management becomes a regular degree offering at SFU, the Library will conduct a detailed assessment.