Library Assessment for
Psyc 358 Language and Social Interaction

December 7, 2004

This is the Library’s report on PSYC 358 Language and Social Interaction. This course will first be offered in 2006-3 and at least once a year thereafter. It duplicates the content of the previously deleted PSYC 367 (Psychology of Language). It is intended to qualify as a Breadth (Social Science) course under the Undergraduate Curriculum Guidelines.


The SFU Library's book collection was assessed using Library of Congress subject headings for the topics covered by this course.

Children – Language 465
Conversation 101
Conversation analysis 37
Identity (Psychology) 259
Interpersonal communication 312
Mother and child 91
Oral communication 140
Psycholinguistics 586
Semantics 569
Speech 168
Speech acts (Linguistics) 114
Social interaction 383
Sociolinguistics 481
Structural linguistics 90

The Library is actively collecting in this area and has adequate monograph holdings to support this course.


The Library’s journal holdings in Psychology will support this course. Titles listed below will be particularly useful for students in this course.

Advances in developmental psychology
Applied psycholinguistics
British journal of developmental psychology
Developmental psychology
Developmental science
Journal of experimental psychology: learning, memory, and cognition
Journal of language and social psychology
Journal of memory and language
Journal of psycholinguistic research
Language and communication
Language in society
Linguistics and philosophy
Mind and language
Research on language and social interaction

The Library has adequate serial holdings to support this course.

Bibilographic Tools

The primary bibliographic tool for students in this course will be PsycINFO, provided by Library license. The Library also provides access to several other secondary tools that may also be useful: Web of Science, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, Social Science and Humanities Index.


There are no additional library costs associated with this course.

Note:  The materials required for this course are located in the WAC Bennett Library on the Burnaby campus.  This assessment is based on the assumption that the course will be offered at SFU’s Burnaby campus.  If the course was to be offered at SFU Surrey or Vancouver, or as an off-campus course, additional Library costs would be incurred.

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