PORT 102 103 PERS 118 168

Library Course Assessment for
PORT 102 | 103
PERS 118 | 168
25 June, 2007


This is the Library's assessment for PORT 102, 103, and PERS 118, and 168.

PORT 102/103

These are first year courses in elementary- and intermediate-level skills and knowledge in Portuguese grammar, reading, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing. PORT 102 will first be offered on the Burnaby Campus in the Fall of 2008, and PORT 103 in the Spring of 2009. Both courses will be annual offerings and have an estimated enrollment of 25 students.

Whitlam, John The Oxford Portuguese dictionary : Portuguese-English Berkley Publishing Group. 042516389X. 9780425163894. X0-X46009. 1998. $7

Dicionario editoria da lingua European Schoolbooks Ltd. 9720012218. 9789720012210. X5-P56124. 2005. $104

Perini, Mario A. Modern Portuguese : a reference grammar (Yale language series) Yale University Press. 0300091559. 9780300091557. R3-295024. 2002. $68

Tyson-Ward, Sue Portuguese verbs & essentials of grammar. N T C-CONTEMPORARY PUBLISHING GROUP (IL). 0844246980. 9780844246987. X9-J27511. 1997. $16

Total cost: $195

PERS 118/168

PERS 118 is a first year course consisting of an introduction to the Persian alphabet, phonology, morphology, and basic syntax in relation to reading, writing and translating basic sentences. It will first be offered in the Fall of 2008 on the Burnaby Campus and annually thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 25 students.

PERS 168 will offer study of the vocabulary and syntax of standard Persian in preparation for reading, writing, and conversation. It will first be offered on the Burnaby Campus in the Spring of 2009 and annually thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 25 students.

Dehghani, Yavar. Persian-English English-Persian learner's dictionary : a dictionary for English speakers studying Persian (Farsi/Dari) Ibex Publishers. 1588140342. 9781588140340. X6-K74647. 2006. $29

Mace, John. Persian grammar : for reference and revision RoutledgeCurzon. 0700716955. 9780700716951. R9-343990. 2002. $43

available from amazon.com $85

Total cost: $157

The above titles are examples of titles that the Library will purchase for these courses. The Library will provide Portuguese and Persian language dictionaries as well as Portuguese-English/English-Portuguese, Persian-English/English-Portuguese dictionaries, and grammar books for both languages. No additional Library resources will be required.

Costs:  There are no new library costs associated with this course.