MSE 352, 353, 426, 427

22 October 2013


This is the Library Course Assessment for the following courses:

number title campus 1st offering req/elec est. enrol
MSE 352 Digital Logic and Microcontrollers Surrey Fall 2014 required 75-85
MSE 353 Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Surrey Summer 2014 required 75-85
MSE 426 Introduction to Engineering Design and Optimization Surrey Fall 2014 elective 15
MSE 427 Finite Element Analysis Surrey Spring 2015 elective 15


The library is currently actively collecting to support students and faculty in the Mechatronics Program.  That said, these new course proposals brought to light some gaps in our collection development activity. 


Monograph Collection Development for the Mechatronics Program at SFU Surrey has grown dramatically over the years.  That said, as the program expands, gaps in our collections will naturally come to light.  MSE 352 exposed one such gap.  

It is proposed that the following LC subject class be added to the Surrey Mechatronics profile with our major book wholesaler.  This subject heading should be turned on to forms as soon as possible to support the students enrolled in this course:

  • TK 7885-7895: computer engineering/computer hardware

Over the past five years, this subject heading generated just over 500 titles at the Upper Undergraduate/Graduate-Research level.  The average book cost is $115.  Once this LC class is added to the SFU Surrey Mechatronics profile, it is estimated that approximately 20 of them will be selected.

  • 20 titles/year @ an average book cost $115 = $2,300/year

Total ongoing monograph costs:  $2,300/year


The SFU Library subscribes to many journals that will support these courses. Here is a small sample:

  • ACM transactions on embedded computing systems
  • Electric machines and power systems
  • IEEE computational intelligence magazine
  • IEEE transactions on mechatronics
  • IEEE transactions on power electronics
  • Journal of Engineering Design
  • Mechatronics

No additional journal subscriptions are required.

Bibliographic Tools

The library subscribes to a variety of bibliographic tools that will support these courses, including Web of Science, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, INSPEC, and many more

No additional Bibliographic Tools are required.  

Total Costs

Ongoing monograph costs: $2,300/year

For now, these costs will be absorbed by existing SFU Surrey Library allocations.  They will be part of the library's request for funding for the 15/16 year. We will await confirmation from SFU Surrey Administration via Baharak Yousefi, Campus Librarian for Surrey. There are no costs to the School of Engineering Science.