MA in International Leadership

Library Course Assessment for
MA Cohort in International Leadership

Revised March 2, 2005

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This is the Library's report on the proposed MA Cohort in International Leadership. This program will be offered jointly by SFU and Capilano College, at the Vancouver campus of SFU. This assessment determines the cost of providing adequate library support for the program while the students attend SFU. While some of the required resources may be available at Capilano College, students attending the program at SFU will need to have library resources at hand. Although a good number of the items on the program reading lists are available in the Bennett Library, the Belzberg Library collection will need significant development to support this program. Some allowance has been made for resources from Bennett Library to be delivered on demand to students studying downtown, but the core resources for the program should be available at the Belzberg Library.

The program will be offered beginning in Fall 2005, for a cohort of 32 students. The program and course proposals included detailed reading lists. This assessment is based on comparing Belzberg Library holdings to those lists.


The SFU Library collection includes many journals that will prove to be beneficial to this program. As most of these are now available electronically, they are accessible from all Library locations, including Belzberg. Some are also in print at Belzberg Library in support of SFU’s MBA programs based downtown.

American Economic Review
Asia Pacific Business Review
Asian Survey
Canadian Journal of Economics
Economic Journal
Educause Review
Environment and Planning A
Environment and Planning D: Society & Space
Environmental Science and Technology
Explorations in Economic History
Far Eastern Economic Review
Finance & Development
Financial Times
Food Policy
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Harvard Business Review
International Political Science Review
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Development Economics
Journal of Economic Issues
Journal of Futures Markets
Journal of Human Development
Journal of Investing
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
Latin American Politics and Society
Management Learning
McKinsey Quarterly
MIT Sloan Management Review
New Left Review
New Media & Society
New Statesman
Pacific Affairs
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Review of International Political Economy
Sociological Review
Third World Quarterly
Wall Street Journal
Wilson Quarterly

Other titles from the existing SFU collections in Political Science, Business, Economics and Area Studies will supplement these.

Suggested additional titles include:

Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies $70/yr
Harvard Asia Pacific Review $40/yr
Asia Pacific Review $210/yr

Total: $320/year

Some back issues of each title should also be acquired to provide depth to the collection.
One time cost: $800


Monograph holdings at Belzberg are very shallow in the subject areas covered by the program. The number of books on the reading lists for each course is indicated below, and the number of these held at Belzberg.

MIL 801-5 International Financial Policy
1 of 8 books available at Belzberg (available electronically)

MIL 802-5 Regional Focus: Aisa
4 of 49 books held at Blezberg

MIL 803-5 Regional Foucs: Latin America
0 of 17 books held at Belzberg

MIL 804 Directed Readings I

MIL 805 Directed Readings II

MIL 806 Internship I
0 of 8 books held at Belzberg

MIL 807 Internship II
same readings as MIL 806

MIL 808 Internship Project

In total, only 5 out of 82 books on the reading lists are held at the Belzberg Library. Allowing for some duplication of titles across these lists, a minimum of 90 books will need to be added to the Belzberg collection to provide required and suggested readings. At an average book cost of $65, this amounts to $5,850.

One-time cost: $5,850

Some ongoing funds will also be required to supplement this collection each year the program is offered and to build a relevant collection of supplementary material. 30 books/year at an average cost of $65.

Ongoing cost: $1,950

Bibliographic Tools

The Library’s existing bibliographic tools will be adequate for locating resources for this program. In particular, the following indexes provided by library license will be useful:

ABI/Inform Global
Business Source Premier
Clase & Periodica
International Political Science Abstracts
LADB: Latin American Data Base
PAIS International

One-time cost: $6,650
Ongoing cost: $2,270/year