Library Course Assessment for a Mechatronics Program
at SFU Surrey

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This is the Library Report for the proposed Mechatronics Program to be offered at the SFU Surrey Campus. This program has an anticipated start date of September 2007 with an estimated enrollment of 50 students/year.

Courses in the program are as follows:

ENSC 182: Mechatronics Design I
ENSC 226: Electronic Circuits I
ENSC 227: Electric and Electronic Circuits II
ENSC 231: Engineering Materials
ENSC 281: Statics and Strength of Materials
ENSC 282: Kinematics and Dynamics
ENSC 283: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
ENSC 311: The Business of Engineering I
ENSC 312: The Business of Engineering II
ENSC 329: Introduction to Digital Logic
ENSC 331: Introduction to MEMS
ENSC 332: Microprocessors and Interfacing
ENSC 381: Systems Modeling and Simulation
ENSC 382: Machine Design
ENSC 384: Mechatronics Design II
ENSC 441: Capstone Design Project I
ENSC 442: Capstone Design Project II
ENSC 451: Real-Time and Embedded Systems
ENSC 484: Industrial Control Systems

These courses are assessed in this report as a program, not as individual courses.

Bibliographic Tools

IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEEE Xplore), Web of Science, Applied Science and Technology Index, INSPEC, ACM digital library, and a variety of other multidisciplinary databases all provided by current library licenses, will be useful for locating resources for these courses. No additional bibliographic tools are needed.


The following are examples of journals that will support this program currently available from the SFU library:

Acta mechanica
International journal of mechanical sciences
Journal of dynamic systems, measurement, and control
Journal of intelligent & robotic systems
Journal of microelectromechanical systems
Journal of mechanical design
Mechanism and machine theory
Mechatronics : mechanics, electronics, control
Probabilistic engineering mechanics

As Mechatronics is new to SFU, several new journal titles will be required to support the program. What follows are suggestions only. Actual title lists will be complied in consultation with faculty.

Advances in Applied Mechanics $192
Journal of engineering mechanics $1,207
Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines: an international journal $2,011
Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics $699

Ongoing cost for serials: $3,000


The following titles from the course proposals are not in the collection at the Surrey Library. A copy of each title will need to be purchased.

Irwin, J. David. Essentials of electrical and computer engineering Prentice-Hall Europe. 0139239707. 9780139239700. V9-J91872. 2004. $121

Fundamentals of digital logic with vhdl design Mcgraw-Hill Book Company Europe. 0072499389. 9780072499384. 2nd ed. X1-O44488. 2005. $175

Gordon, J. E. . The new science of strong materials, or, Why you don't fall through the floor Princeton U. P. 0691125481. 9780691125480. X7-G45929. 2006. $22

Gordon, J. E. Structures, or, Why things don't fall down Da Capo Press. 0306812835. 9780306812835. 2nd, illustrated. X5-381559. 2003. US. $22

Levi, Primo. The periodic table Schocken Books. 0805210415. 9780805210415. X7-W77180. 1995. $14

Sacks, Oliver W. Uncle Tungsten : memories of a chemical boyhood Knopf. 0375404481. 9780375404481. R4-269515. 2001. $29

Atkins, Peter The periodic kingdom : a journey into the land of the chemical elements. WEIDENFELD & NICOLSON (UK) . 0297816411. 9780297816416. X2-K57771. 1995. $17

Vector mechanics for engineers : statics and dynamics McGraw Hill Higher Education. 0073212229. 9780073212227. 8th ed. R7-578584. 2007. US. Book with media/software. $213

Beer, Ferdinand Pierre. Mechanics of materials McGraw Hill Higher Education. 0073107956. 9780073107950. 4th ed. R3-510708. 2006. $190

Hibbeler, R.C. Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics Prentice Hall Inc. 0131561480. 9780131561489. 11th ed. X5-035320. $157

Young, Donald F. A brief introduction to fluid mechanics John Wiley & Sons Inc. 0471660779. 9780471660774. 3rd. R6-491812. 2004. US. Book with media/software. $130

Engineering economics in Canada Pearson Publications Company. 0131269577. 9780131269576. 3rd ed. X6-860426. 2006.$121

Park, Chan S. Contemporary engineering economics Prentice Hall Inc / Pearson Educ Hghr Ed. 0131876287. 9780131876286. 4th. R5-591823. 2007. $148

Newnan, Donald G. Engineering economic analysis Oxford University Press Inc. 0195168070. 9780195168075. 9th. R3-427490. 2004. US. Book with media/software. $111

Kovacs, Gregory T. A. Micromachined transducers sourcebook McGraw Hill Companies / McGraw-Hill. 0072907223. 9780072907223. R9-038585. 1998. $128

Ruska, Walter E. W. Microelectronic processing : an introduction to the manufacture of integrated circuits McGraw Hill Companies. 0070542805. 9780070542808. N6-413384. 1987. OOP. $150

Pack, Daniel J. 68HC12 microcontroller : theory and applications Prentice Hall Inc / Pearson Educ Hghr Ed. 0130337765. 9780130337764. R1-286292. 2002. $90

Furber, Stephen B. ARM system-on-chip architecture Addison Wesley Longman Ltd. 0201675196. 9780201675191. 2nd ed. R0-197203. 2000. $45

Cellier, Francois E. Continuous system modeling. : medium and short term effectiveness of [Springer-Vlg. - 1991]  ISBN: 0-387-97502-0 Cloth/HB $91

Budynas, Richard G. . Shigley's mechanical engineering design (McGraw-Hill series in mechanical engineering) McGraw Hill Companies. 0073312606. 9780073312606. 8th ed. R6-611687. 2008. $206

Billingsley, J. . Essentials of mechatronics Wiley InterScience / John Wiley & Sons. 047172341X. 9780471723417. R4-581429. 2006. $102

Wolf, Wayne Hendrix. Computers as components : principles of embedded computing system design Morgan Kaufmann Publications. 155860541X. 9781558605411. R0-204179. 2001. $88

Li, Qing. Real-time concepts for embedded systems CMP Books. 1578201241. 9781578201242. X1-O12513. 2003. UK. $79

Vahid, Frank. Embedded system design : a unified hardware/software introduction John Wiley & Sons Inc. 0471386782. 9780471386780. R1-271887. 2002. $109

Petruzella, Frank D. Programmable logic controllers Mcgraw-Hill Book Company Europe. 0078298520. 9780078298523. 3rd ed. X1-O20076. 2005. $124

Total one-time cost for above titles: $2682

Additionally, a core collection to support the program will need to be established at the Surrey campus. 50 books x average book price of $110 = $5,500

Total one-time cost to build core collection: $5,500

The creation of this program at Surrey will necessitate the addition of new subject headings to the Surrey profile with Blackwell's, our major book wholesaler. It is recommended that the following subject headings be turned on to books:

661610 mechatronics
661614 machine design and testing

Annually, these subject headings will generate approximately 30 titles/year.

The following subject headings should be turned on to forms:

571002 mechanics
573075 solid state physics
577030 semiconductor physics
61302540 real-time data processing
66027000 applied mechanics
66027200 engineering statics & dynamics
66028815 control engineering
661602 mechanical engineering
66306485 electrical circuits
66323920 semiconductors
66323930 transistors
66323950 transducers
6632965 amplifiers
664402 materials science
66440402 mechanical properties of materials - general
66440450 strength of materials
664428 thin films

The subject headings above are recommended for this program. As more detailed course proposals / syllabi are available, this list may be revised. Selections will be made forms generated by these subject headings as well as the books that come in on approval. Seventy five (75) books/year will purchased to support the program. 75 x average book price of $110 = $8,250.

Ongoing monograph costs: $8,252

Total monograph costs:
one-time: $8,182
ongoing: $8,252

Total costs:
one-time: $8,182
ongoing: $11,252