Library Assessment for
MBA in Global Asset and Wealth Management

November 30, 2004

This is the Library's assessment for the proposed MBA in Global Asset and Wealth Management. The Library conducted a preliminary assessment when the Cohort Special Arrangements program was initiated in 2002. At that time, the program agreed to cover start-up costs of $3,700 and annual costs of $2,000 for library acquisitions at Belzberg Library in support of the program.

Over the past two years while the program has been running under Special Arrangements, we have been better able to assess the impact of this program on Belzberg Library. The ongoing costs have not been covered by a base budget transfer, but have been handled on a year-by-year basis. When the program becomes regularized, some additional resources will be required in addition to the previously committed $2,000/year.

Cost: $2,000/year


An additional $1,000/year for monographs is required to meet the demand for requests from students and faculty in the program, and to keep the collection current. Each year during the cohort special arrangements the Library has fully spent or overspent the allocation for purchasing books, and had several requests left over unfilled at year-end. The books in the Belzberg collection on subjects related to this program have been well used, as indicated by high circulation rates.

Cost: $1,000/year


Specific titles have been requested by faculty and students in the program to supplement SFU’s existing list of serials on finance, investment and wealth management. There is currently no allocation in the MBA-GAWM library budget for serials. The three titles listed below are a minimum, with another $180 allocated to accommodate some key titles on standing orders, as identified by program faculty members.

CCH Canadian Wealth Management Guide ISBN 1551411806
Online or cd-rom guide updated every second month provides practical guidance for strategies and tactics to maximize client wealth while minimizing tax exposure. $545/year

Financial Times
Premier financial newspaper. GAWM students have repeatedly requested either a print or online version of this at Belzberg in support of the program. $600/year

Mergent Bond Record
Not included in the Library’s online package of publications from Mergent. $676/year

Cost: $2,000/year

Electronic Databases

There have been numerous requests from faculty and students in the MBA-GAWM program for an online data source that covers investment, company information and analysis at a more advanced level than SFU's existing sources of company information. Possibilities include Bloomberg, Datastream,or Worldscope , which offer real-time online analysis of equities, currencies, bonds, futures, options, etc. and would be invaluable tools for students in this program. Cost is an estimate; exact cost can be worked out once GAWM faculty members agree on which title would be most suitable.

Cost: $10,000/year

Total cost

(includes $2,000 previously committed by the MBA-GAWM program)