ITAL 400: Course assessment

Library Course Assessment for ITAL 400: Topics in Italian Literature
5 January, 2016


This is the Library's assessment for ITAL 400.  This course will be taught entirely in Italian, and will allow students to study major works in contemporary Italian Literature.  It will be taught at the Burnaby Campus beginning in the Spring of 2017, and will be a required course.  The estimated number of students was not stated in the proposal.  

The following 2 titles are on the reading list as available electronically via the SFU Library.  While they are available, they are leased books and a permanent copy should be obtained, as future access is not guaranteed: 

Cristina Abbona Sneider, Antonello Borra, Cristina Pausini TRAME, A Contemporary Italian Reader Yale University Press, 2010  ISBN: 9780300124958 

This is available for purchase as an e-book with a 3-user license for $94.  

Castagnino, Angelo Intellectual as a Detective : From Leonardo Sciascia to Roberto Saviano Peter Lang AG, October 2014 ISBN: 9781453913796

This is available for purchase as an e-book with an unlimited user license for $472.

A print copy is also available for $101.

Total cost: $566 (with the unlimited user e-book), or $195 (with the print).

Books on the reading list not available via the SFU Library:

Ammaniti, Niccolò Io non ho paura Einaudi, 2001 ISBN9788806207694 $28

Baricco, Alessandro Next: Piccolo Libro sulla globalizzazione e sul mondo che verrà Feltrinelli, 2009 ISBN: 9788807720819 $30

Benni, Stefano Bar Sport Duemila Feltrinelli, 1997 ISBN: 9788807015298 $67

De Carlo. Andrea Giro di Vento Bompiani, 2004 ISBN: 9788848603218 $37

Severgnini. Beppe La testa degli Italiani Milano: RCS Libri, 2005 ISBN: 9788817022248 $19

Eco, Umberto A passo di Gambero Bompiani, 2006ISBN: 9788845259524 $72

Saviano, Roberto Gomorra. Viaggio nell’impero economico e nel sogno di dominio della Camorra Mondadori, 2006 ISBN: 9788804554509 $18

None of the above titles are available via our main book wholesaler, however they are available via Amazon sellers.  

The estimated cost for these seven titles is $271.  These are estimated costs only, as Amazon sellers change frequently.  

This is a “Topics” course that may have changeable content in the future.  The Library is not currently collecting to support all the topics that are likely to be covered by future iterations of this course, although it is difficult to predict exactly what the content of the course might be.  However, the Library’s current collecting activity has clear gaps in even the recommended reading lists for this iteration of the course, without even supporting secondary research by students.  This indicates that ongoing costs will be associated with this course.  At an average price of $20 per book, and 15 books per year, this will amount to $300/year.

Total Costs:

One-time: $836 or $465 (Depending on which edition of the Castagnino book is desired.)

Ongoing: $300/year