Library Course Assessment for
Kinesiology 488

November 2, 2004

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This is the Library’s assessment for Kinesiology 488 Ergonmics Laboratory. This course will first be offered in Spring 2005 and annually thereafter with an expected enrolment of 15 students. It will be an elective course for the degree, but required for the Ergonomics/Human Facctors stream. Lab space is provided at the Harbour Centre campus, and the course will be exclusively offered at that campus. Therefore, this assessment considers the resources of the Belzberg Library to meet the needs of students in this course.


The SFU Library's book collection was assessed using Library of Congress subject headings for the topics covered by this course. Related subject headings and SFU holdings are listed below. Belzberg holdings are listed first, followed by overall SFU holdings in brackets (located primarily at the Bennett Library).  

Anthropometry 0 [72]
Biomechanics 0 [64]
Design, industrial 2 [98]
Human-computer interaction 4 [312]
Human-machine systems 2 [81]
Human engineering 4 [205]
Human mechanics 0 [182]
Industrial hygiene 1 [101]
Musculoskeletal system 0 [17]  

As illustrated by the holdings information above, the Belzberg Library does not have a sufficient monograph collection to support an upper level course in this subject area. The small number of titles at the Belzberg Library are related to ergonomics and aging, in support of the Gerontology program. A core collection of 30 books, including basic reference sources, should be acquired. Some sample titles are listed below:  

International encyclopedia of ergonomics and human factors , Waldemar Karwowski, ed. Taylor & Francis, 2001. 7484-0847-9 $938  

Handbook of human factors testing and evaluation , Charlton & O'Brien, eds. Lawrence Erlbaum. 0805832904. 2 nd ed. 2002. $166  

The Occupational ergonomics handbook , Karwowski & Marras, eds. CRC Press, c1999. 0-8493-2641-9 $170  

Biomechanical basis of human movement , Hamill & Knutzen. Lippincott Williams. 0781734053. 2 nd ed. 2003. $96  

One-time cost : 25 x $95(average book cost) = $2,250
One-time cost
: 5 x $250 (average reference book cost) = $1,250  

In addition, this collection will need to be kept current by adding 5-10 new titles per year.  

Ongoing cost : 8 x $95 = $760      


The Library's electronic journals in Kinesiology are available to students of this course, including students at the SFU Vancouver campus.

Applied ergonomics
Human factors and ergonomics in manufacturing
International journal of cognitive ergonomics
International journal of human-computer studies
International journal of industrial ergonomics
International journal of man-machine studies
Journal of biomechanical engineering
Journal of biomechanics
Occupational ergonomics
Theoretical issues in ergonomics science

The Library has adequate serial holdings to support this course.  

Bibliographic Tools

The primary tools for students in this course will be Ergonomics Abstracts Online and the HCI Bibliography: Human Computer Interaction Resources, both of which are already accessible by SFU-wide license. Other secondary sources are similarly already available, such as the ACM Electronic Guide to Computing Literature, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, INSPEC and MathSciNet. No additional bibliographic tools are required.  


One-time: $3,500
Ongoing: $760/year  

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