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May 27, 2008
**NOTE: This assessment has been REVISED (June 23, 2008)**


This is the library report for:

IS 304: Russian Foreign and Security Policies
IS 315: Introduction to Middle East Politics
IS 412: Central Asia, the Transcaucasus and Russia: Democracy, Development and Conflicts
IS 415: Islamist Trend in Middle East Politics

All of these courses will be taught at SFU Vancouver.

Bibliographic Tools

The SFU Library subscribes to a number of Databases that will prove useful for these courses. For example, Index Islamicus, International Political Science Abstracts and PAIS International will all prove useful for these courses.

No additional bibliographic tools are required.


The following journal titles listed on the course outlines are not available at the Belzberg Library. Subscriptions will need to be acquired.

Foreign Affairs $50 (Print only)
Middle East Report $81 (Print only)
Middle East Journal $144 (Print only)
Transitions Online $366
Slavic Review $159 (Print only)

Serials total: $800


These courses cover subject areas currently outside the collecting scope of the Belzberg Library. We will need to purchase an average of 13 books/year per course at an average book price of $75.

13 books/year @ $75 x 4 courses = $3,900/year

Additionally, the course outlines revealed gaps in the existing collection. These titles will also need to be purchased.

The following titles from the reading list are not available at the Belzberg Library:

IS 304: Russian Foreign and Security Policies

Russia's Engagement with the West : Transformation and Integration in the Twenty-First Century M E Sharpe. 0765614421. 9780765614421. X2-B78555. 2005. $37

Developments in Russian politics 6 / edited by Stephen White, Zvi Gitelman and Richard Sakwa. Duke U Pr. 0822335107. 9780822335108. R5-516054. 2005. $90

Baker, Peter. Kremlin rising : Vladimir Putin's Russia and the end of revolution Scribner Classics. 0743264312. 9780743264310. R4-507539. $29

Russian politics under Putin Manchester University Press. 0719068002. 9780719068003. R6-451925. 2004. $74

Jack, Andrew. Inside Putin's Russia / Andrew Jack. Granta Books. 1862076405. 9781862076402. B9-690610. 2004. $40

Russian foreign policy and the CIS : theories, debates and actions (Routledge advances in international relations and global politics, 24) Routledge. 0415305772. 9780415305778. R0-408464. 2003. $152

Russia's policy challenges : security, stability, and development M E Sharpe. 0765610795. 9780765610799. R4-359070. 2003. $80

Lo, Bobo. Russian foreign policy in the post-Soviet era : reality, illusion, and mythmaking Palgrave Macmillan. 0333775937. 9780333775936. R7-340508. 2002. $116

The new Russian diplomacy / Igor S. Ivanov ; foreword by Henry A. Kissinger. Nixon Ctr/Brookings Inst Pr. 0815744986. 9780815744986. R1-324085. 2002. $24

Petro, Nicolai N. Russian foreign policy : from empire to nation-state Addison Wesley Longman Ltd. 0673996360. 9780673996367. N1-945407. 1997. US. $65

Also note that the BBC film on the course outline, Russian Godfathers, is not in the SFU Library collection, and is not available from the distributor with exclusive Canadian distribution rights for BBC documentaries. There are no holding libraries in BC, so we may not be able to obtain a copy of this film.

Total for IS 304: $707

IS 315: Introduction to Middle East Politics

Bill, James A. Politics in the Middle East Addison Wesley Publishing Company. 0321005376. 9780321005373. 5E. X3-V12829. 1999. $70

Islam, democracy, and the state in North Africa (Indiana Series in Arab & Islamic studies) Indiana University Press. 0253333032. 9780253333032. R1-015880. 1997. $30

Ben Jelloun, Tahar, 1944- Corruption NEW PRESS (NY) /W W NORTON & CO (NY) . 1565842952. 9781565842953. V1-C74131. 1995. $20

Total for IS 233: $120

IS 412: Central Asia, the Transcaucasus and Russia: Democracy, Development and Conflicts

Wilson, Andrew. Virtual politics : faking democracy in the post-Soviet world Yale University Press. 0300095457. 9780300095456. R1-503520. 2005. $44

After the collapse of communism : comparative lessons of transitions Cambridge University Press. 0521834848. 9780521834841. R3-462353. 2004. $68

Oil, transition and security in Central Asia (RoutledgeCurzon advances in Central Asian studies, 1) RoutledgeCurzon / Taylor & Francis Inc. 0415310903. 9780415310901. R1-404101. 2003. $131

Gleason, Gregory. Markets and politics in central Asia : structural reform and political change (Economies in transition to the market, v.2) Routledge / Taylor & Francis Inc. 041527396X. 9780415273961. R6-369855. 2003. $132

Trenin, Dmitri. The end of Eurasia : Russia on the border between geopolitics and globalization / Dmitri Trenin. Carnegie Endowment/Brookings Inst Pr. 0870031902. 9780870031908. R7-297076. 2002. $26

Central Asian security : the new international context Brookings Institution. 0815701055. 9780815701057. R2-236029. 2001. $24

Conflict, cleavage, and change in Central Asia and the Caucasus Cambridge University Press (US). 0521592461. 9780521592468. N2-989642. 1997. $84

Total for IS 412: $509

IS 415: Islamist Trend in Middle East Politics

Fadl, Abou El Khaled. Great Theft : Wrestling Islam from the Extremists HarperCollins (US). 0061189030. 9780061189036. X5-418657. In Stock US. 2007. US. $16

Islam and the Challenge of Democracy: A "Boston Review" Book (Boston Review Book) by Khaled Abou El Fadl, Joshua Cohen, and Deborah Chasman (Paperback - Mar 8, 2004) $16

Esposito, John L. Islam and democracy Oxford University Press Inc. 0195102967. 9780195102963. L6-379155. 1996. $69

Qutb, Sayyid. Milestones Maktabah Publications. 0954866517. 9780954866518. X9-L38191. 2006. $20

Islamic legal interpretation : muftis and their fatwas Harvard University Press. 0674468708. 9780674468702. X9-M94795. 1996. UK. $65

Lia, Brynjar. The Society of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt : the rise of an Islamic Mass Movement 1928-1942 Ithaca Press. 0863723144. 9780863723148. X1-F71058. 2006. $36

Pioneers of Islamic revival (Studies in Islamic society) Zed Books Ltd / SIRD. / WBP.. 1842776142. 9781842776148. re v.. R8-559380. 2005. US. $79

Abou El Fadl, Khaled. Islam and the challenge of democracy Princeton University Press. 0691118418. 9780691118413. X7-052147. 2004. $44

Hamzeh, A. Nizar. In the path of Hizbullah (Modern intellectual & political history of the Middle East) Syracuse University Press. 0815630530. 9780815630531. R4-470525. 2004. $26

Kepel, Gilles. Muslim extremism in Egypt : the prophet and pharaoh / Gilles Kepel ; translated from the French by Jon Rothschild. U Calif Pr. 0520239342. 9780520239340. R7-369619. 2003. $21

White, Jenny B. Islamist mobilization in Turkey : a study in vernacular politics (Studies in modernity & national identity) University of Washington Press. 0295982233. 9780295982236. R7-331081. 2002. $37

Wiktorowicz, Quintan The management of Islamic activism : Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and state power in Jordan (SUNY Series in Middle Eastern studies) State University of New York Press. 0791448355. 9780791448359. R6-240868. 2001. $84

Esposito John L Makers of Contemporary Islam John L. Esposito John Obert Voll Oxford University Press. 019514127X. 9780195141276. R4-234263. 2001. $47

Mishal, Shaul. The Palestinian Hamas : vision, violence, and coexistence Columbia University Press. 0231116748. 9780231116749. R0-164198. 2000. $77

The Veil and the Male Elite by Fatima Mernissi, Fatema Mernissi, and Mary Jo Lakeland (Paperback - Dec 20, 1992) . $13

Esposito, John L. Islam : the straight path Oxford University Press. 0195112334. 9780195112337. 3rd ed. rev.. R1-025079. 1998. $32

Said, Edward W. Covering Islam : how the media and the experts determine how we see the rest of the world Vintage Books US / Random House. 0679758909. 9780679758907. Rev. ed., 1st Vintage Books ed.. N9-959169. 1997. $15

Total for IS 415: $697

Total Costs

One time costs:
Total one-time monographs costs: $2,033

Ongoing costs:
Total ongoing monograph costs: $3,900/year
Total ongoing serials costs: $800/year