Library Course Assessments for IAT 3XX courses

IAT 334 | IAT 336 | IAT 337


This is the Library's report for IAT 334, 336, and 337. These are new courses for the department's Concentration in Design. They will first be offered in the Fall of 2007 and annually thereafter with an estimated enrollment of 50 students per class. These courses will be offered on the Surrey Campus.

IAT 334: Interface Design
IAT 336: Materials in Design

The above courses are well covered by current library collections. No additional resources are required.

Bibliographic Tools

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index, ACM Online Guide to Computing Literature, Applied Science and Technology Index and a variety of other multidisciplinary databases, all provided by current library licenses, will be useful for locating resources for these courses. No additional bibliographic tools are needed.

IAT 337:  Representation and Fabrication


The Library has current subscriptions to the following titles that will provide useful material for this course:

Architectural design
Design Issues
Design Philosophy Papers
Frame : the international review of interior architecture and design
International journal of architectural computing

It is recommended that the library subscribe to two or three new journal titles to support this course. While we realize that this is not an architecture course, it is clear from the proposal that the instructor plans to draw heavily on the literature of architecture. What follows is a list of suggestions for new journal title subscriptions. Actual subscription choices will be made in consultation with professors for this course:

Architectural Review $164
Architectural Science Review $321
Harvard Design Magazine $85
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research $123
The Journal of Architecture $863

Estimated ongoing total for journal titles: $1,000


The following titles from the proposal's reading list are not available at the SFU Surrey Library and will need to be purchased:

New technologies in architecture : Digital design and manufacturing techniques HARVARD GRAD SCH DESIGN. 0935617558. 9780935617559. X8-Y46766. 2001. $23

New technologies in architecture : digital design and manufacturing techniques, II & III; Second International Conference
Harvard University Graduate School of Design, November 2001; Third International Conference Rakennusteolliusuus RT ry Helsinki, June 2002, proceedings by Martin Bechthold;  Kimo Griggs;  Daniel L Schodek;  Marco Steinberg;  Harvard University. Graduate School of Design.
Publisher: [Cambridge, MA : Harvard University, Graduate School of Design], 2003.
ISBN: 0935617663
available for purchase online:  $30

Callicott, Nick. Computer-aided manufacture in architecture : the pursuit of novelty Architectural Press. 0750646470. 9780750646475. R6-264846. 2001. $57
Production engineering (66028810)

Emergence : morphogenetic design strategies (Architectural design profiles, no.169) Wiley Academy. 0470866888. 9780470866887. R5-464778. 2004. $51
Architectural design (09090000)

Jankowski, Greg. SolidWorks for dummies (--For dummies) Wiley Publishing Inc. 0764595555. 9780764595554. R2-526139. In Stock US. 2005. US. Book with media/software. $34

Architecture in the digital age : design and manufacturing
Spon Press / Taylor & Francis Inc. 0415278201. 9780415278201. R9-415089. 2003. $119
Architectural design (09090000)

Performative architecture : beyond instrumentality Spon Press. 0415700833. 9780415700832. R6-494130. 2005. $130
Architectural design (09090000)
Architectural engineering - general (09350200)
Architecture & environment (09080000)

Digital tectonics Wiley Academy. 0470857293. 9780470857298. L4-654573. 2004. $68
Architectural design (09090000)
Architectural engineering - general (09350200)

Designing for a digital world Wiley-Academic.. 0470844191. 9780470844199. V3-H59951. 2002. $68
Architectural design (09090000)

Versioning : evolutionary techniques in architecture (Architectural design profiles, no.159) Wiley Academy / Wiley Publ Inc. 0470845694. 9780470845691. R3-347364. 2002. $57
Architectural design (09090000)

Contemporary techniques in architecture Wiley Academy / John Wiley. 0470843209. 9780470843208. X2-079053. 2002. $52
Architectural design (09090000)
Contemporary architecture (09056000)

Design through making (Architectural design profiles, no.176) Wiley Academy / John Wiley & Sons. 0470090936. 9780470090930. R6-525103. 2005. $51
Architectural design (09090000)

Digital design and manufacturing : CAD/CAM applications in architecture and design John Wiley & Sons Inc. 0471456365. 9780471456360. R2-478187. 2005. $79
Architectural design (09090000)

Tickoo, Sham SolidWorks 2006 for designers Cadcim Technologies. 1932709134. 9781932709131. X5-C23547. 2006. $67
no subject headings

Tickoo, Sham CATIA V5R16 for designers Cadcim Technologies. 1932709185. 9781932709186. X7-N88550. 2006. $78
no subject headings

Total one-time cost for above titles: $964

We will purchase all of the above titles from Blackwell's, our major book wholesaler. As nearly all of the above titles have the Blackwell's subject heading Architectural design, it is recommended that this subject heading be turned on to forms. Of the 150+ titles per year that this subject heading generates, it is anticipated that we will purchase 20 titles/year to support this course. The average book price is $89 . $89 x 20 = $1780/year.

Total ongoing monograph costs: $1780

Total Library costs for IAT 337:

Ongoing costs: $2,780
One-time costs: $964