New HSCI Graduate Courses

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February 25, 2008


This is the Library's assessment of 20 new courses proposed by the Faculty of Health Sciences for the development of their Graduate Program. These courses will all be taught on the Burnaby campus. Most (with a few exceptions) will first be offered in the Spring of 2009.

New Courses

The library is actively collecting in the relevant subject areas for the following courses:

HSCI 807: Researching Health Inequities
HSCI 810: Children's Mental Health
HSCI 838: Theorizing Social Inequities and Health
HSCI 839: Strategies for Reducing Health Inequities
HSCI 840: Health Policy Process
HSCI 844: Health Policy Analysis
HSCI 849: Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
HSCI 850: Air Pollution and Human Health
HSCI 861: Principles of Demographic Analysis for Health Researchers
HSCI 870: Global Health and International Affairs
HSCI 871: Exploitation in Global Health

No additional Library Resources are required for the above courses.

However, some of the reviewed courses will require additional resources. Those classes and resources are as follows:

HSCI 841: Applied Health Ethics

While we are actively collecting in this area, this proposal revealed a gap in our journal collection that should be filled.

Journal of Medical Ethics $642

Total costs for HSCI 841: $642

HSCI 846: Environmental Health Exposure Assessment and Analysis
HSCI 847: Human Health Risk Assessment and Risk Communication
HSCI 848: Toxicology, Susceptibility and Environmental Health

The above courses identified another gap in our collections activities for the Faculty of Health Sciences. To support these courses, we will need to increase our Toxicology related collection. To do so, we will need to turn the subject heading 69161800 Medical Toxicology on to books.

This action will generate approximately 10 titles/year at an average book cost of $164.

Total costs for HSCI 846, 847, & 848: $1,640

HSCI 865: Seminar on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Disease
HSCI 866: Host-Microbe Interactions
HSCI 867: Ecology of Infectious Diseases in the Community
HSCI 868: Globalization and Infectious Diseases
HSCI 889: Special Topics in Infectious Diseases

With the increased focus on Infectious Diseases, the library will need to expand our collection in these areas. The related Blackwell's subject headings will need to be turned on to books.

69200702 Infectious disease -- General
69646500 Medical Virology

This will generate approximately 55 new titles per year at an average book cost of $113.

Total monograph costs: $6,215

As with monographs, the library will need to expand our journal collection in the area of infectious diseases. The Library currently provides access to some infectious disease journals including:

Lancet Infectious Diseases
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
Infection and Immunity

In order to provide a full complement of infectious disease journals with the highest impact factors, the Library will need to acquire subscriptions to the following:

Clinical Infectious Diseases
Journal of Infectious Disease
--combined subscription for both of the above titles: $1,106
Antiviral therapy $1,826

Total journal costs: $2,932

New Faculty

The Faculty of Health Sciences will also be hiring eight new faculty members in support of their Graduate Programs. These new faculty members will come to SFU with the expectation that key journals not presently in our collection can be added. In order to have an allocation to accommodate some journal requests from new faculty, the Library requires an additional $5,000.

Total Costs:

Ongoing monograph costs: $7,855
Ongoing journal costs: $3,574
Ongoing costs for new Faculty journals: $5,000

Total ongoing costs to the Faculty of Health Sciences: $15,429