Library Course Assessment for HSCI 801-898

The Library has reviewed the Course Proposals for the following Graduate Courses in the Health Sciences:

HSCI 801-3 Biostatistics I
HSCI 802-3 Research Topics in Epidemiology for the Health Sciences
HSCI 803-3 Research Methodology for the Health Sciences
HSCI 804-3 Systems Analysis of Health Care and Delivery
HSCI 890-3 Special Topics in Health Sciences
HSCI 895-3 Research Conceptualization and Design in the Health Sciences
HSCI 896-3 Practicum / Project Report
HSCI 897-3 Seminar in Workplace Integrated Learning
HSCI 898-6 MSc Thesis
HSCI 691-1 Graduate Seminar in the Health Sciences
P&PH 801-3 Concepts and Mechanisms in the Determinants of Health

Previously, the Library provided a detailed course assessment for the Graduate Program in Population and Public Health. This assessment can be found at the following URL:

The Faculty of Health Sciences have agreed to the funding associated with the previous assessment. This funding will cover all Library costs for the courses listed above. There will be no additional costs for these courses.